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To ship a book, you have three options: Media Mail, Express Mail, and Priority Mail. Media Mail is the cheapest option but it doesn’t come with tracking. Express Mail is the middle option and it does include tracking, but it also has a fee. Priority Mail is the most expensive option and it comes with tracking and is free.

Do you have a question about the different types of packages, or how much it will cost you to ship something? Keep reading for more information!

USPS Book Shipping In 2022

If you are still curious about how to use this service (and I love when people are!) then continue reading!

What Is The Cheapest Way To Ship A Book With USPS?

To ship a book in a package that’s smaller than what the postal inspector at your post office will accept, you can go to your local Kinko’s or copy store and have them print a shipping label for you. This is not recommended since Kinko’s and copy stores often overcharge for shipping.

Shipping to the U.S. from France is currently $17.85 (according to our shipping calculator) and starts at $7.95.

There are two main types of international mail, Priority Mail and Media Mail. I bought Priority Mail for a package that was going to Europe and I don’t think I could have bought it that way because it wasn’t Priority Mail. Even though I could have, I would have been required to pay the surcharge on the cost of the item. It would have been cheaper than this, but I don’t think I would have gotten the same service.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Book With USPS?

If you purchase a 2-pound box of mail, they charge $19.98. If you purchase 10 pounds, they charge $3.19.

However, if your package falls between weights, for example, 2.6 pounds, you must round to three pounds and will have to pay the shipping fee for three-pound items.

There are different shipping methods available for packages weighing less than 100 lbs and packages weighing more than 100 lbs. If your package weighs between 100 lbs and 1,000 lbs, it’s considered a “Medium Package”. If it weighs more than 1,000 lbs, then it’s considered a “Large Package”.

So, if you’re shipping anything more than ten pounds, I wouldn’t recommend Media Mail for international shipments.

Why Is USPS Media Mail So Cheap?

Media Mail is cheap because it is heavily subsidized by the USPS.

The first reason that people consider when looking for a shipping service on Amazon is cost. While services like FEDEX and UPS can be costly when compared to services like USPS and Amazon itself, they can often be a better deal.

For over 80 years, the United States Postal Service has been subsidizing media mail.

It was created by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1936. The goal has been to encourage people to send educational materials through the mail.

to do this, USPS carries a huge amount of books and other educational materials at a loss (i.e., for no profit), which is one primary reason Media Mail is so cheap.

What this means is that you will receive your package on time, but it might take a couple of days to arrive. It also depends on your address. For example, if you’re living in a rural area, it may take longer for your package to arrive.

With a Priority Mail you will get your package in four days and with Media Mail in 10 days.

It is inexpensive because it does not offer a wide variety of services.

A priority mail service is a type of mail service that has a higher degree of insurance than the regular mail service which is termed as Media Mail.

That is really crazy. With that, if a Media Mail package has to be forwarded or returned, the recipient or the sender will have to pay the extra postage before getting the box.

Also, Media Mail will cost a little extra.

Finally, Media Mail is cheap because the postal service can verify the contents of your letters and package.

In other words… if you try to sneak in a few extra items in the package, USPS can open it up and see that you’re not just sending books, and they’ll penalize you.

If a package is received in a foreign country, it may be held by the local shipping company. If you do not pay the postage due, the package will be returned to the U.S. and you will have to ship it again.

If the Media Mail rate is higher, the recipient will have to pay the difference; if the First Class or Priority Mail rate is higher, the sender will have to pay the difference.

How Long Does USPS Media Mail Take?

According to USPS, Media Mail takes 2-8 days to be delivered. It is possible to get it in one business day.

The best way to determine what your turnaround time is, is to look at the last time the package was mailed. Look for the USPS tracking code in the tracking information on your letter or tracking number.

Does USPS Actually Check Media Mail?

It’s kind of like the old joke, “How do you become a postal inspector? You start with a dead letter.” To be truly effective, the US Postal Service needs to start with a system where it routinely scans pieces to verify the contents before it issues a piece.

With that, the USPS is too busy to check every single package sent through Media Mail. On any given day, the USPS delivers more than 173 million packages that include personal items, like family photos, that do not require a signature.

So, USPS simply doesn’t have enough time to verify the contents of most Medium and Large packages.

With that in mind, there probably are several thousand pieces of Media Mail packages checked each day.

It might seem like a lot at first glance, but it really is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of mail sent with Media Mail postage.

If you mail your package in an envelope that is stamped and mailed from the State of New York, you should be protected.

How Do I Package Books For Shipping With USPS?

1. Keep the shipping package as safe as possible.
2. Make sure the book is properly wrapped.
3. Keep books together in the shipping box with other boxes of a similar size.
4. Fill the shipping box to the fullest possible capacity.
5. Keep the box in a stable place.

1. Get _____.

Note: We can also use a pronoun and a noun together.

If you want to go back to the store, put the bag in a plastic bag.

Put the book in a clear plastic bag. Or, if the plastic bag doesn’t have a zip lock, fold the open end and tape it firmly so it won’t open.

-Wash your hands before and after handling books.

If you haven’t already, place your book in a secure place where your kids cannot reach it. This will help them not to damage the book while finding it in the house.

Books can be wrapped using a corrugated cardboard roll. It will help protect them from wear and tear in the shipping process.

This is because the books are so fragile and delicate. They need to be in a padded shipping box.

The items should be packed with care. The boxes should not be filled with anything heavy.

Print your shipping label and send the books in the mail.

Finally, have a clerk or postal worker print a label for you, or if you prefer, print one at home. Once your box is ready, hand it over, and USPS will do the rest!

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When you package mail yourself, you have to go through a process to make sure your package is securely packed, and your costs go sky high, but your package could still get lost or stolen in the mail.

But if you care about your books, then we recommend using a reliable mail forwarding service instead. They can be a great solution for any type of book you want to ship!

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