Tj Maxx Competitors (10 Biggest Competitors)

TJ Maxx offers trendy clothing for men, women and children. It’s an online marketplace for quality apparel for the entire family. This is an example of a longtail keyphrase that contains a lot of search volume.

TJ Maxx competes with a variety of retailers – like Target, Walmart, and Home Depot.

The TJ Maxx site is available in 23 malls across the United States and in Canada. Their product inventory includes thousands of items such as furniture, clothing, housewares, food, gifts and toys. They also offer home services such as cleaning, painting and landscaping to name a few.

Which Companies Are TJ Maxx Competitors In 2022?

While TJ Maxx has been able to hold its own in recent years, the company still needs to find ways to compete with the ever-shrinking department store and the large retail behemoths. The company’s online business has gotten stronger in recent years, but the company still needs to reach more shoppers online.

To find out more about what they are selling and where they are located in the USA, read on to learn more!

1. Ross Labels for Less

Ross Labels for Less is a popular off-price retailer that sells clothing, fashion accessories, handbags, luggage and more at low prices.

Ross stores are also the largest off-price retailer in the US with 1,629 locations and annual revenues of $12.5 billion in 2020.

Many department stores are getting smaller lately and people are becoming more dependent on shopping online.

2. Burlington

Burlington Coat Factory (BFC) is a discount retailer based in Newark, New Jersey. The company was founded in 1891 as a men’s specialty store in New York City by John L. and Jacob R. Blyth. In 1914 the company name was changed to Burlington Mills, and the first Burlington store was opened on West 24th Street in Manhattan in 1921. In 1929 the company adopted its present name. The BFC corporate headquarters are in Newark, New Jersey.

Burlington is an American fashion and lifestyle retailer. The company makes its products in many different areas, including home, clothing and accessories, sportswear, footwear, beauty, and home furnishing. Burlington is traded on the New York Stock Exchange as BURL and reported annual revenues of $ $8.996 billion in 2021.

3. Macy’s

Macy’s department store chain is one of the largest in the United States, with over 5,000 employees, and an annual revenue of over $5 billion in 2016.

Macy’s is a chain of department stores that sells many of the same products as TJ Maxx, but mainly in traditional department store categories.

Finally in 2020, the company’s annual revenue was $25 billion.
This is a paraphrase.

4. Target

Target’s clothing and furniture stores have locations throughout the U.S., they carry high-end clothes, furniture, as well as basics. Their customers are on average more affluent than TJ Maxx’s and they often have a higher spending power.

The slogan “Expect more, pay less” is a marketing slogan of Target Corp. The company is one of the largest general merchandise retailers in the United States.

Target is known for attracting younger shoppers, and is also known for their philanthropic actions.

5. Amazon

Amazon is known for selling the same merchandise as the discount retailer, often at a discount.

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Amazon is an online shopping destination, where you can shop in various departments such as sports and electronics, and it has a large selection of items. Also, Prime members can get free shipping on any order.

6. Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack, a division of Nordstrom, has discounted designer clothing and home decor. The company offers high-end labels at up to 70% off the original prices.

Get up to 100 percent off when you shop the clearance section. A Haute Look section with flash sales on clothing, beauty products, toys, and home decor.

7. Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond, a department store that sells home goods, especially kitchen, tableware, furnishings, housewares, bath products and more attract a clientele like TJ Maxx.

People may think Bed Bath & Beyond carries quality products at reasonable prices, but if TJ Maxx has that item, it can be bought for up to 70% less than the suggested retail price.

Finally, a discount store called Bed Bath & Beyond now has 758 stores in the United States, and annual revenues of about $9.23 billion in 2020.

8. Thrift Stores

Thrift stores have a lot in common with TJ Maxx. These stores provide affordable, high-quality items that are marked down.

When it comes to thrift stores, the difference is that this is where you can get something that has been used or even second hand.

The “Sell Your Clothing” program in Japan is run by a charity, and it accepts donated or hand-me-down clothing. It even accepts used or broken ones. These stores are sometimes operated by charities, and sometimes by stores that are members of the Japan Association of Charity Stores. It also charges a “use value” fee (a small amount) for each item that you take. This fee is meant to cover the cost of buying and refurbishing the clothing so that it can be reused.

While the Internet is still young, online thrift stores have started appearing. They are emerging as a major rival to off-price retailers like TJ Maxx.

9. sells a wide variety of similar merchandise to TJ Maxx such as furniture, home decor, lighting, clothing, pet supplies, shoes, and more.

Overstock is one of the online shopping giants. It also has pop-up flash deals and offers low prices on name brand items. Additionally, it reported revenues of $ 2.87 billion in 2021.

10. JCPenney

The department store JCPenney has over 20 thousand employees and sells over 1 billion dollars of merchandise each year.

The company does not have an online store that features a vast array of its own brands, but it still has a huge online presence through its many partnerships with major brands. They also have stores where their own brands are featured along with many other brands owned by the corporation.

JCPenney has more than 600 stores, and they will be making a total of $4.147 billion.

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The department store chain TJ Maxx has a lot of competition. It is most directly competing with Ross Labels for Less, a department store chain.

There are also traditional department stores, like Macy’s that sell designer brand fashions at discounted prices, and luxury stores like Nordstrom Rack that sell designer brand fashions at discounted prices.

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