Smart Editing Tips for Social Media Marketers

As social media continues to dominate the marketing industry, businesses are constantly looking for engaging, high-quality content that will help them get ahead of their competitors. One of the ways to do so? Effective editing.The importance of editing in social media marketing is no secret. It can help take audience engagement to the next level, resulting in an increased number of likes, comments, shares, and click-through rates. The better the edit, the more positively it reflects on a brand’s commitment to excellence, contributing to their reputation and professionalism.In this post, we’ll share some smart editing tips for social media marketers that can help lift their content and deliver better results. Let’s jump in.

Importance of Editing in Social Media Marketing

Impact of well-edited content on audience engagement

High-quality content is essential on social media. Your audience is in constant competition while scrolling through their feed. You need to produce pieces that are unique, otherwise, your messages will simply blend in with the masses. Quality content is well-edited content, and by creating clean, concise copy, you can capture your audience’s attention, and elevate their engagement with your brand.

Improving the Impact of Visuals: Editing plays an important role in creating an overall look and feel for a story, and that certainly holds true for visuals. Keeping a clean, consistent format lets your content breathe and makes it more consumable. In much the same way, pictures, videos and infographics are popular on social media because they draw the eye and break up text

Editing for Brand Reputation and Professionalism
Inaccurate, inconsistent or clumsy posts can damage your brand reputation. Followers and customers expect better — and better-edited — from your brand, and consistent excellence enhances that brand image in their minds.

Essential Editing Principles for Social Media Marketers

Clear, Crisp Copy

At its heart, the principle of clarity is about keeping your captions and headlines lean. You want to give your audience only as much as they need, and no more, to answer their questions and sell your message. Social media marketers frequently use industry jargon or just too many words in general. Both erode clarity and make a caption less accessible to the audience.

Maintaining Brand Voice and Tone

Keeping consistency in tone is great when it comes to building a strong brand identity across numerous platforms. Whether your tone resonates with the language you use, how humorous, or serious your content may be, and even the use of punctuation – whatever your brand utilizes the most, it should maintain the same voice throughout.

Also, remember to have the right tone for your audience; casual and fun for fashion brands, young health food companies, and other similar industries, while formal and professional for financial services, etc.

Grammar and Spelling

The PR fact that no one probably needed to tell you is that no one likes reading their favorite news site, blog, or social media content with little spelling and/or grammar errors littered throughout your article. From everyday people to professional critics, it’s something all can agree on, so it’s essential to diligently proofread your copy and always have your spell check on – both help a great deal in catching all those common errors. This is especially important where editors’ professional portrayal is concerned; content with these types of errors can sometimes be taken as a testament to showing less professional content, so it’s hard trying to compete if great brands want excellent exposure and reputation.

Formatting and Visual

This aspect of editing your social media content can be just as important (if not more so in some instances!) as editing when it comes to content writing. The way your content is laid out can make it more “scannable” and easily read, above all else when it comes to your copy’s main points. This can mean several things, such as taking advantage of line space, adding proper indentation, or also making sure to always have a doubly checked, functioning spell and grammar checker on. As with any copy editing task, editing your social media content to have good freaking news value at minimum is always crucial, so always keep that in mind as you’re making final checks before publishing from month to month. Another great thing to remember though is when it comes to using visuals throughout your content – your article/ blog are social media content. This can mean doodles, data, infographics, and many others. Anything that helps make the copy more engaging, and less ‘run-o’-the-mill social media copy, is what you always want to be targeting.

Call to Action

Crafting calls to action is another critical editing principle for social media marketing. A call to action can encourage your audience to engage with your content, share it with others, or engage with your brand in other ways. But to be effective, your call to action must be clear, compelling and, most importantly, actionable.

Editing Tips for Different Social Media Platforms

Here are some editing tips for different social media platforms for marketers who want to create more engaging content:

Instagram Editing Tips

Optimize captions and hashtags – Your caption and hashtags can affect engagement levels.

Utilize Instagram’s editing tools effectively – Instagram has several editing tools such as filters, brightness, contrast, and saturation that can improve the quality of your content.

Twitter Editing Tips

Mastering the art of concise and impactful tweets – Twitter’s character limit of 280 means you need to be precise with your message.

Use Twitter’s character limit wisely – Being able to convey the message in 280 characters may be challenging, but it can be done. Utilize the numerous editing tools at your disposal to craft effective tweets.

Facebook Editing Tips

Crafting engaging and informative posts – Facebook’s algorithm privileges more engaging content.

Enhancing post visibility through effective use of tags and keywords – This can help you reach a broader audience.

LinkedIn Editing Tips

Writing professional and engaging LinkedIn articles – The medium is generally more business and career oriented, and you need a certain level of professionalism there.

Formatting and structuring posts for maximum impact – As with anything you write, structure and formatting can affect how well it’s received by your audience.

Editing Tools for Social Media Marketers

Editing tools can save social media marketers a lot of time and improve the efficiency with which they do their editing work, and help them do everything from grammar checking to generating images more efficiently. Some popular editing tools include:

Overview of Popular Editing Tools

Grammarly: An AI-powered writing assistant that goes beyond grammar to help you ensure that everything you write is clear, compelling, and mistake-free. It is particularly useful for professional content, because typos and grammar mistakes reflect poorly on both companies and the people who work there. (It also helps when English isn’t your first language, as is the case for me!)

Hemingway Editor: Hemingway is a tool designed to improve your writing through the use of readability and syntax solutions. Its approach is to highlight sentences that are hard to read, complex sentences, and other things that make writing less effective. This tool is particularly helpful for simplifying your writing and improving the sentence structure.

Watermarkly: Watermarkly is a crop photo tool that also helps you add text watermarks, date time stamps, and resize images in a batch to create perfect visuals for social media marketing.

Recommendations for Incorporating Editing Tools into Your Workflow

In order to apply these tools within your workflow for content creation, it’s vital to do so effectively. Leverage the distinct features of these tools to increase the efficiency of your editing process and the quality of your content.

Collaborative Editing and Peer Review

Editing your content with others can help you gain valuable feedback, insights and improve the quality of your work. Here’s what to consider when Adobe Spark Video’s proofreading and editing tools aren’t quite enough:

Benefits of Collaborative Editing and Peer Review

Feedback from a variety of perspectives – Multiple viewpoints can help identify additional areas for improvement.

Leverage collective expertise for better content quality – Diversity is the lifeblood of good ideas, and a variety of views allows the very best of them to be captured within your content.

Implement A Collaborative Editing Process

When working with others to edit your content, in order to ensure a productive process, you should establish clear guidelines and objectives and leverage communication and project management tools that allow you to work seamlessly with fellow editors.

Final Polishing and Post-Editing Checklist

Before you publish your content, it’s imperative to review and carefully check your edits for errors. A detailed final review process that you use consistently for all content is incredibly useful. Here’s an example of a final review process.

Post-Editing Checklist for Social Media Content

  • Use a consistent voice and tone
  • Make sure that you effectively tied your content back to a value proposition
  • Consider whether or not your content can be found by those interested in your audience’s problems
  • Check for typos, grammar and spelling errors
  • Review overall message and clarity
  • Ensure formatting and visual appeal
  • Verify accuracy of links and references

The Importance of Revisiting and Refining Published Content

After you’ve published your content, revisit, analyze and measure your content’s performance. Analyzing and measuring engagements with your audience allows you to revisit and optimize content for impact and engagement.


Editing is an important aspect of building quality content. Social media marketers must place more of an emphasis on it to have the best impact on audience engagements. Smart editing practices can help your content to stand out in the crowded social media landscape, differentiating your brand with increased professionalism and reputation.

Our tips and tools will help you to improve your content quality and deliver effective engagement to your target audience. Get started with some smart editing practices and incorporate some powerful editing tools, and those of your brand that continue to be a cut above the competition, as collaboration continues to improve your brand’s content.

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