The New Online Focus of Many Industries

In the world of business, the motto is adapt or die. The age of widespread internet and smartphones at our fingertips has massively changed many different industries. From business, to hobbies, and many more, everything is becoming revolutionized by this disruptive wave of technology. Here is how several different industries are adapting to this changing landscape. 


The way we shop for our daily necessities will never be the same. Many people around the world, from younger to older, are becoming increasingly more comfortable with shopping for all of their groceries or supplies online. The days of going to brick and mortar stores are quickly coming to an end and this is reflected with many iconic businesses like Sears or Kmart closing locations. Online sellers like Amazon have become the one stop shop for all of your needs, and this convenient method, combined with deals and fast shipping, have become too tempting for the average consumer to ignore. The rise of E-commerce has quickly become one of the most polarizing effects of widespread internet and smartphone usage. While there are many benefits for consumers, economists wonder what the true extent of damage will be to the working class and millions of people worldwide that depend on careers in retail stores. 


The game of poker has spread from saloons of the wild west to the tables of international championships. Poker has proven to be an incredibly resilient game, and one that keeps reinventing itself to stay relevant. In our current age of internet technology and smartphones, poker is reaching a new audience and making millions of fans across the globe. 

Luckily for the waves of young players, it has never been easier to get started and practice the basics. With so many resources available online, new players are picking up the game at a rapid pace and grinding online to become proficient. This new trend ensures that poker will continue to live on for generations. Without the adaptation of streaming services, poker apps, and social media, poker would almost have surely fallen to the wayside with the younger demographic.


Teaching is one of those industries that is hard to picture any other way then the way we have experienced it for all of human history. Our experiences with teachers have always been in a classroom. The internet is rapidly being integrated with this traditional system, and it brings both advantages and drawbacks. Some people may need more hands on teaching in order to excel, like musicians or artists. In a situation where they have a teacher over skype or a similar video streaming service, it’s easier for the student to lose focus or interest. There are also many subjects, like blue-collar technical trades, that become cumbersome and inefficient to teach online. 

However, teaching online also has great potential. Students are no longer restricted to learning from the teachers in their area. They have the ability to learn from anyone at any skill level from around the world. If there is a specific instructor with a great reputation, or perhaps you want to hire a teacher at a cheaper rate then what you can find locally, the internet grants you limitless options. Teaching will continuously grow to be a more online-focused industry

Travel and Accommodations 

The days of travel agents are long gone. People have become much more accustomed to handling their own accommodations online. When it comes to booking flights, hotels, or renting cars, everything is now handled by the client directly. Websites like Expedia, or Agoda, or any of the hundreds of others now show you the best deals and available days for hotels around the world. That’s not all either. Property rental and real estate will always be vastly important in society. Even this industry has become online based in the last few years. Services like Airbnb connect property owners with people looking for accommodations online for short term rentals. This has taken a noticeable percentage from the traditional hotel industry. These are just a few of the industries that are rapidly changing alongside growing technology.

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