Is Target Ethical? (clothes, Employees, Sustainability + More)

Target is an outstanding company because it offers a wide range of services that builds customer loyalty and their benefits are well worth the effort.

I’m glad you asked. Target is a leader in the fashion industry and they care about the environment. That’s why they use the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) logo on all of their clothing products, so you know they comply with the highest standards and regulations for certified organic, fair trade, and environmentally friendly products.

 It is obvious that they are unethical and should never be given the opportunity to work with other companies.

Is Target Ethical In 2022?

Target is a company that is ethical as time goes on and they continue to change their ways based on what the people want them to do. Some examples of when they used to be a bad company, was when they were selling items with toxic chemicals that could be poisonous to humans.

To discover more detailed information, like the amount of sustainable and ethically sourced products produced annually, and much more, keep on reading!

Are Clothes From Target Ethically Sourced?

Their customers get to choose from the various products that they find, and the company has a good reputation for manufacturing quality products.

With this in mind, Target is now developing a new recycling system for the clothing industry. This system will help save energy, water, and harmful chemicals by separating the clothing from the rags which make up the fabric of it.

Levi’s and Nike are teams of the clothing industry who were working together to help reduce waste in the clothing production process.

SAC is a trade group for the sustainable electronics industry, created in 1990 by the Electronics and Telecommunications Recycling Organization (ETRO) and later taken over by the non-profit organization. SAC holds annual conferences.

To reduce the toxic chemicals in clothes, SAC focuses on reducing the amount of synthetic chemicals in clothes.

When companies make more environmentally friendly choices, they impact the garment workers and the environment as a whole.

Target’s sustainable fashion program is designed to help their business and employees in the short and long terms.

Are Target’s Employment Practices Ethical?

Many of the employees that work at Target are unsatisfied with the way some of the companies practices are being run.

For example, some Target store employees were told that if they formed a union, they would lose their jobs.

At one Target store location in 2013, the National Labor Relations Board was forced to get involved when employees tried to unionize.

For example, they provide a one free year’s supply of Target generic prescription and generic over-the-counter medication with each Target Rx card.

It may be possible that the reason Target has a higher wage is because they offer their employees extensive benefits.

A competitive compensation program, flexible scheduling options, a comprehensive benefit package, and a fun office.

Are Target’s Factories Environmentally Conscious?

Target claims that they are working closely with the companies in their supply chain to create environmentally friendly factories. They are also implementing a number of environmentally focused initiatives in their factories.

Target has taken a step in the right direction by working with other businesses to become a positive influence on climate change.

Target wanted to show an improved environment in the future after the industrial revolution. They wanted to achieve this by creating goals in their climate strategy.

The company has set its targets to reduce greenhouse gases. The company believes it will be able to achieve its goals by 2040.

According to Target’s website, they aim to reduce greenhouse emissions by sourcing from suppliers who also strive to reduce these emissions.

Does Target Treat Animals Ethically?

For Target, the code of ethics includes not mistreating animals and making sure to treat farm animals well.

Since the company claims to be an ethical business, they adhere to guidelines that protect their animal subjects.

This is where Target is being a little misleading. They do not ban the use of nontherapeutic antimicrobials. They do state that, “We do not currently have, or expect to have in the near future, any nontherapeutic need for antibiotics in finished agricultural ingredients.” and then mention that it is being phased out by 2019.

Target has decided to follow the lead of several other major retailers that have already banned the use of these chemicals without medical necessity.

Target is planning to buy egg from caged chickens by 2025. The company also has plans to source their pork products more ethically.

The grocery stores have been partnering with their pork suppliers to eliminate the use of gestation crates by 2022.

Is Target Reducing Their Use Of Plastic?

I think Target has implemented several practices to help the company reduce plastic waste. For example, Target has reused their dress shirt hangers until they were broken beyond repair.

As of 2017, Target saved more than 5 billion pounds of clothing and other waste items!

Target is working with the biggest packaging companies and recyclers to change their way of producing plastic.

Target partnered with the How2Recycle Labeling Program. They were able to add more than 5,000 Target-branded products with How2Recycle Labels.

The How2Recycle Labels provide customers with clear instructions on how to recycle the plastic bag packaging. A significant source of plastic that comes from retail stores is plastic bags used during checkout.

As a result of the public’s concern about plastic bags, The City of San Francisco began charging a fee for single-use plastic bags in 2002.

Target has come up with something clever about reducing bag waste. They are giving discounts for bringing reusable bags to the checkout if you bring them yourself.

Target has seen this incentive increase reusable bag use by 10% since 2011. Additionally Target uses 40% recycled plastic which helps the environment.

They encourage their customers to recycle their old plastic bags and to bring them to Target’s plastic recycling containers to help with environmental issues.

Does Target Have Sustainable Products?

Target is trying to be the number one and the market leader for sustainable brands and experiences in the market.

Also, they aim to have a “zero emissions,” supply chain, reducing waste generated in the supply chain and their products. Also, they focus on the social responsibility.

Target is committed to working with suppliers and buyers to help ensure sustainable products are available and purchased, and to increase the level of sustainable production in the global supply chain.

The company is looking for products that are made using recycled paper, and things that are environmentally conscious.

Target is going to sell even more sustainable products in the future.

What Ethical Practices Is Target Implementing In The Future?

When buying from Target, you can know exactly where your product comes from and you can make sure that it’s ethically made.

Target is going to do an excellent work to save nature and protect the environment. It’s an ideal place where children can work and create great things, just like the world. If you visit that place, you will see some kids making their own creations like what the world needs today.

According to Target’s plans for the future, it is clear that Target is continuously working on becoming a more ethical and sustainable company.

– You can also learn more about how Target’s management team decided to become good corporate citizens.
– We learned a lot about how Target’s board of directors supports the company’s ethics.


 In the future, Target plans to work on less emissions such as reducing the amount of water used.  As well, they will be investing more into sustainable technology.  They are also going to be increasing their recycling efforts.

Target employees are treated fairly because of a wide array of perks and benefits that other companies do not provide.

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