Is Starbucks Closing Stores? (all You Need To Know)

Starbucks is closing hundreds of stores and opening new locations across the US and Canada.

Starbucks has a huge reason they are closing stores around the country and opening new ones. So, what is the reason? Read on for the full details on this story.

Is Starbucks Closing Stores In 2022?

The chain will close as many as 600 cafes and about 5 percent of the stores in the U.S. and Canada. Customers will find some of the drive-thru and to-go locations offer fresh baked goods and made-to-order drinks. Starbucks will also have an increased store count as it attempts to capture some of the fast-growing e-commerce market.

If you want to know more about the closures, where they are and more, continue to read! I will tell you what you need to know!

Is Starbucks Closing Locations In North America?

Starbucks announced that they are going to close 400 locations in the US and Canada and are closing locations in Italy and China.

The announcement on Facebook is likely to be seen by many as a response to the increasing number of protests that have been taking place in France over the past months related to a controversial new labour law and high unemployment.

Starbucks will be opening more stores in North America to take advantage of the popularity of the company worldwide.

This means that Starbucks will be closing stores located in the dense metro areas such as San Francisco, New York, and Boston, which already have a high concentration of Starbucks stores.

As for where the closures will take place, the only information that has been released is the malls that will be closed.

With the pandemic and changes in customer preferences, many of these locations are not very popular anymore.

Even before the pandemic, a lot of people who were shopping online were just ordering delivery. However, things have changed in a big way, as delivery services are experiencing record low delivery volumes, which is making this trend even more prominent.

In addition to this, there are a lot of people who have been taking advantage of home delivery services for the past few weeks, but the situation may not be as easy for them any longer.

Why Is Starbucks Closing Locations?

Starbucks is closing hundreds of locations, including its largest, in the United States.

Starbucks will be opening new locations that will include a drive-thru and to go stores.

It appears that the stores that were closed will take the place of other stores.

Starbucks expects the new store formats to be more efficient and more profitable. Starbucks thinks that the new store style will help them reduce their overall operations costs and make more money. Starbucks thinks that the new store format includes:
1. Increased employee productivity,
2. Easier store cleaning,
3. Easier store layout, and
4. Improved customer experience.

After the closings, customers may have switched to other services, including delivery, and curbside pick-up.

Starbucks already has an online ordering platform and a mobile app. Now they are looking to introduce an in-store digital ordering platform.

Starbucks wants to increase the number of stores by focusing on the most profitable types of locations.

Coffee, brewed by hand, is the center of the store experience.
All of our beverages are freshly roasted, ground, and brewed for each coffee to order.

What’s The Plan For The New Starbucks Stores?

Starbucks is closing stores because people aren’t buying as much coffee.

There are several reasons for the changes in these strategies. Sales are in the middle of a major transition in which they are moving away from physical goods and toward digital goods and services. This change also includes a shift in the types of businesses with which they are working. Many of these are highly digital services, which tend to be less profitable.

Starbucks began to shift away from the cafe model and started opening the stores like McDonald’s and KFC.

This leads to new shopping behavior and patterns that will be different from what it was one or two weeks ago when most people were still shopping in stores.

Starbucks has experienced an increasing decline in morning traffic since the number of commuters to their stores has decreased.

At noon, the average customer at Starbucks has already been in the store for almost 40 minutes, and has an increasing number of coffee drinks already consumed.

Coffee is now a mainstream activity and it’s a place to meet people and connect. The suburbs are driving growth in this area.

While we may not be able to change our customers’ dining habits, we can provide them with a more convenient way to get their Starbucks beverages.

What Will The New Starbucks Locations Look Like?

With the new design, Starbucks will take into account the new consumer behavior. They are planning to change the store hours to stay open longer to make their product available for longer.

As a result, the new Starbucks stores will be very different from the previous ones – they won’t be as far away from downtown and there will probably be a bigger number of them.

It will be located in the same places as the old pick-up stores but they will be more spacious and can only be used to order and pay through the Starbucks app.

Starbucks said that the result of the pandemic was due to the increased online customer engagement with Starbucks during the pandemic, with millions of new mobile app users.

By making ordering and payments exclusively for the mobile app, a user is going to get quicker and more streamlined service.

Starbucks also has an store at Penn Station in New York City and they are pick-up only.

More people are starting to order their beverages online and through self-service machines. That’s why Starbucks is adding more of these and it will help the company to keep up with its goals for the future.

Starbucks is a huge corporation with billions of dollars. So, you would think they also have a lot of staff that is involved in their business. But, you would be wrong. They have over 60,000 employees and over 100,000 franchise partners.


Starbucks has decided to stop opening new stores and closing down current ones which are outdated.

Starbucks is creating and opening more locations, so the total number of Starbucks stores will definitely increase during this period.

The new stores will be in locations where customers will have great access to the brands they want and to shop a wide variety of products from a broader assortment.

These trends show a shift away from the urban centers to the suburbs and cafes to take-out and delivery options.

This will continue to emphasize the values of quality and convenience and will be the new location to which people will gravitate.

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