Is Inbox Dollars Legit?

Paid survey sites are a great way to make easy cash from home, but not all are legit. You must be wondering, is Inbox Dollars legit?

To help you separate the good ones from the scams, we’ve got a few tips to help you make your way through the jungle and come out with some extra cash in your pocket.

It has to be easily accessible: When we were researching sites, we looked for ones that were easy to sign up for (i.e., didn’t require us to give our social security numbers and lots of personal information).

We also looked for easy-to-use sites (ones that had a search function that made it easy to find surveys that suited our interests).

InboxDollars was one of the few sites we found that met these criteria, and it’s worth a look.

It has to be worth your time: We also looked at how much money people were earning on each site.

If you’re not able to make enough money on a site within a few hours to justify your time, it’s probably not worth it.

Is Inbox Dollars Legit?

Yes, InboxDollars is a legitimate site, and this article will discuss the site in detail.

All About InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a free website and app that pays you for your opinion.

The site offers many ways to make money, from taking surveys and redeeming cashback offers to printing coupons and reading promotional emails.

They even pay $5 for signing up!

InboxDollars is easy to use, whether using the site or their app. You can also sign up with your Facebook account, making it even easier to get started!

Prodege LLC owns similar sites, including InboxDollars, MyPoints, Swagbucks, and ShopAtHome. These sites are all rewards-based programs that offer a variety of ways to earn cash, gift cards, and other prizes.

This article focuses on InboxDollars’s features, including its WinIt codes and Scratch and Win cards.

Is InboxDollars Legit?

InboxDollars is a legitimate rewards site for taking surveys, offers, and more. The app has been downloaded over 18 million times and has over 240,000 ratings on the Apple and Google Play stores.

It currently has an average rating of 3.9 in the app stores and a 4.3-star rating on Trustpilot.

The app is available on both Android and IOS devices.

Is InboxDollars Safe?

InboxDollars is a legitimate company and safe. However, like many companies that offer rewards for using their services, InboxDollars does have a clause or conditions to participate.

What is the Way that InboxDollars Works?

InboxDollars is an online money-making program that pays you just for surfing the web and reading emails.

With InboxDollars, you can make real cash by doing things you already do every day: shop, search, watch videos, take surveys, and more.

You get paid through PayPal, gift cards, or your choice of over 1,000 partner offers.

When you first create your account, you’ll have the option to choose between several options that include things like claiming cash back rewards or shopping online for gift cards.

You can pick any or all of these options depending on the time you have and your interest—or even stick with one method of earning cash with InboxDollars while exploring other opportunities as they arise.

Signing up for InboxDollars is a great way to make money online. You’ll be given a $5 sign-up bonus and verifying your email ID when you sign up.

As soon as you’re signed up, you’ll be asked to fill out a survey that asks for personal information. You can expect to finish it in about 10 minutes and get paid $0.50 for taking it.

Ways to Make Money on InboxDollars

Taking Surveys

But before you can start getting paid, there’s one thing you need to do: complete your profile. To earn money with InboxDollars, you first need to enter some info about yourself, including your gender and date of birth.

It only takes a few minutes to fill out, and once you’re done, you’ll be ready to take surveys.

You get $0.50 for completing a small questionnaire, which takes about 5 minutes. Surveys can pay anything between $0.01 and $5 and don’t take more than 20 minutes to complete.

InboxDollars recommends taking the surveys we think are most relevant to you. That way, you’ll be more likely to qualify for studies that will pay the most (and let’s be honest—who doesn’t want that?).

But if there’s a study listed that looks interesting but doesn’t seem like it fits your profile well, don’t worry about it too much. You can still take part in it if you want to.

Watching Videos

You can earn money by watching videos on InboxDollars. News, sports, financial, lifestyle videos, and entertainment are now available in the video categories.

Each category has playlists of videos that range from 45 to 75 seconds each. You can watch the video in a separate tab while the countdown timer hits zero or after it stops running.

Playing Games

InboxDollars offers Solitaire and Candy Jam and cash games, such as Wheel of Fortune and Poker. Their most lucrative game is Scratch and Win.

InboxDollars also offers several ways to earn money through their online games.

The first is by depositing money into your account, which can be used to compete in cash tournaments and win more money back. The second way to earn money is by referring friends who then make deposits.

Reviewers say that it’s easy to deposit money into your account, but it’s very hard to win real cash playing games with no actual rewards for playing.

They also say that you have to play for hours or even days before receiving your first Scratch and Win card, which seems unfair because you have nothing to show for your time investment.

Shopping for Cashback

InboxDollars’ cashback program allows you to earn money back when you shop at stores like Best Buy, Groupon, The Home Depot, and Kohl’s based on the percentage you choose for each retailer.

If you see a coupon or offer from one of their retailers on any site you visit, a Billy Button ensures you won’t miss out.

Printing and Redeeming Coupons

InboxDollars is a website that allows users to earn money by printing and redeeming coupons. You can make a certain amount for every printed or redeemed coupon.

Coupons available are mostly for household, groceries, and personal care items like shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, and over-the-counter medicines.

Signing up for Offers

If you want to know what offers are available now, check out the InboxDollars offers page. You’ll find all kinds of exciting, lucrative opportunities—including free trials for services and products that usually cost money.

The most lucrative offers are worth up to $50 each. If you complete an offer for $10 or more, you can expect payment within 72 hours.

Uploading Your Receipts

InboxDollars offers different receipt uploads to be eligible for cashback: Magic Receipts and Any Receipt.

Magic Receipts allow you to claim cashback on specific items, but they come with some restrictions. For example, a deal might say, “Buy any brand of milk or cheese and get $0.25 back.”

If you buy from a store that carries multiple brands (like Kroger or Amazon), you can still claim the full value of the cash back on items that qualify for the offer. However, if you buy an item from a store that only carries one brand (like Whole Foods), your receipt will not qualify for the deal.

When using Magic Receipts:

  • Make sure to choose offers that give you the most potential cashback
  • Read the fine print! Some deals have minimum purchase amounts or limits per receipt
  • Do not submit receipts from stores that carry only one brand to avoid disappointment

On the other hand, Any Receipt allows you to upload any receipt without worrying whether your items are eligible.

Searching Using InboxDollars Search Engine

Searching the web with Inbox Dollars is a great way to earn rewards towards our Scratch and Win game.

You can search the web for stuff you like, but don’t worry about doing work. You can do fun searches that help you win tickets, too!

For example, if you search “fun dog facts,” you’ll see many pet-related sites. You’ll have a chance to earn Inbox Dollars just by clicking on these sites or reading articles.

Other Methods of Earning with InboxDollars

Scratch and Wins

Every time you complete an activity on InboxDollars, you’re earning progress towards a Scratch and Win card!

Starting with a tier 1 scratcher and ending with a tier 3 scratcher, these cards have the potential for up to $10 in cash prizes. That can add up to a lot of scratch-off fun!

There are also three Scratch and Win cards: bronze, silver, and gold. It all depends on how much you’ve earned towards your card.

The higher your Scratch and Win card tier, the more rewards it has. This means that there are three different types of rewards that you could potentially win: $0.50, $1.00, or $2.00.

Any reward is better than no reward at all! So keep playing games and completing surveys on InboxDollars to get your hands on some sweet scratch-off fun!

Winit Codes

On some days, InboxDollars posts a “WinIt” code on their social media accounts. These codes are good for different rewards, from a few cents to an entry into sweepstakes.

Be aware that these codes only last for about 24 hours, so check in with them often to see what’s available.

Bonus Streaks

When you complete daily lists or earn a certain amount in a single day with InboxDollars, you get a bonus. When you complete your daily task list daily (known as a streak), you win bigger bonuses.

Many of today’s most popular apps use streaks as a way to motivate users to achieve their goals. One study found that people who used streaks were nearly twice as likely to hit their goals as those who didn’t.


Earn $1 for each person you refer and 30% of their earnings for life.

For example, if you refer 5 people and they earn $10 each, you’ll get a $5 credit and 5 new referrals. If those 5 people make another $5 each, you’ll earn an additional $25, for a total of $35.

After the 5th person you refer, you’ll continue getting 30% of your new referrals’ earnings, but no more $1 bonuses.

What is the Potential to Earn with InboxDollars?

You can redeem your InboxDollars earnings for gift cards or PayPal cash. The most popular surveys are $0.50 each (plus a small reward for a completed survey). Some surveys pay as much as $3 each. Cashback offers typically pay around 1% back on your purchases.

Receipt uploads will usually earn you between $0.25 and $2 per receipt, depending on the store and how early or late in the season it is.

Cashback offers tend to be seasonal and are usually only available during holiday shopping seasons (like Black Friday). Still, the good news is that there are always new ones popping up, so check back often.

Surveys pay well, but they can be time-consuming. The good thing is you don’t have to qualify for many surveys to start raking in the dough.

Cashback comes via companies like Amazon, Target, and Starbucks—they’ll pay you back a fraction of what you spend with them, usually when you check out with your receipt.

InboxDollars Alternatives

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys offers various earning methods through referral bonuses, shopping, and mobile apps. You’ll earn 100 points ($10) when you sign up. From there, every 1,000 points is worth $10, so once you hit 1,000 points (equal to $10), you’re eligible to cash out.

You can redeem your earnings for PayPal or Amazon gift cards or have them directly deposited into your bank account.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a website that allows you to take surveys for projects. Surveys can be done in the comfort of your own home, and you can earn points for every survey you fill out.

Points are redeemable for gift cards or PayPal cash.


Swagbucks is a well-known side hustle company. They have over 14 million members, and they pay new members $10 just for signing up.

Members can earn additional money by completing surveys, watching videos, or redeeming coupons.

InboxDollars Verdict

InboxDollars, like Swagbucks and many other survey sites, is a great way to make some extra cash. But if you’re looking to make a lot of money, then sticking to printing coupons, surveys and uploading your receipts are your best bet.

If you’re looking for fun or find some random rewards from time to time, you might get a lot of enjoyment out of InboxDollars.

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