Is Hamilton Beach A Good Brand? What Users Need To Know

What’s a household without appliances? If you live in America, you’d probably have at least one Hamilton Beach appliance in your home.

Hamilton Beach is a popular appliances brand that invents, produces, and distributes a range of household appliances worldwide.

Hamilton Beach has been operating for over a century and has sold appliances in over 100 countries worldwide.

Although the household appliances industry may have serious competition, Hamilton Beach hasn’t been around for this long if they’re not offering real value.

Is Hamilton Beach A Good Brand?

Hamilton Beach is, by all means, an excellent brand. You can rely on their products. Not only do they have the experience that comes with producing long-lasting products, but they also bring innovation to their product lineup. 

In addition, Hamilton Beach’s products are high quality and pocket-friendly. Their products have generated many reviews, most of which are positive. In addition, they’ve received several 5-star ratings due to their excellent customer service. Also, they have excellent customer service with the assurance of swift and effective client support.

As a result, they have gained loyal customer followership over the years, as their customers prefer to buy from them than from other brands. 

Hamilton Beach Product Lineup

Hamilton Beach has a lot to offer. You can get all you need for your house from Hamilton Beach. Hamilton Beach boasts of an enviable and extensive product lineup which includes the following appliances:

  • Blenders
  • Coffee makers
  • Deep fryers
  • Bread machine
  • Electric knives
  • Electric kettles
  • Can openers
  • Coffee
  • Waffle irons
  • Toasters
  • Popcorn maker
  • Pizza maker
  • Rice cookers
  • Air purifiers
  • Food chopper
  • Ice cream makers
  • Ovens. Etc.

History Of Hamilton Beach Brands Holding Company

Hamilton Beach, now a prestigious household name in many other parts of the world, has had a long and checkered history. The history of Hamilton Beach dates back to 1910.

The legendary appliances inventor Fredrick J. Osius first founded the company in 1910 in Racine, Wisconsin. Most of the company’s products at that time were Fredrick’s Inventions.

Hamilton Beach derives its name from the earliest two employees – Louis Hamilton, the advertising manager, and Chester Beach, the mechanic. The story has it that Fredrick didn’t want to use his name for the company. So, he paid these guys to permit him to use their names.

Although Hamilton Beach was doing pretty well, Fredrick sold the Company to Scovill Manufacturing in 1922. The products from then on bore the name Hamilton Beach Scovill until the 1980s.

In 1990, NACCO bought the Hamilton Beach Brand and merged it with Proctor-Silex Company (another household appliance manufacturing company) to make small kitchen appliances. They turned out to be the biggest small home appliance manufacturing company in the US.

The conglomeration of these two companies resulted in a change of name, from Hamilton Beach/Proctor Silex, Inc. to Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc. in 2007. Today, the company has its headquarters at Glen Allen, Virginia, and the United States.

Having been in business for 100 years now, Hamilton Beach has consistently evolved and developed, producing and distributing better and more quality products to different parts of the world via various retailers.

However, since 2000, Chinese contractors have produced several Hamilton Beach products with a license from the company, of course.

Hamilton Beach gained international recognition in 1995 and has since blossomed. Current data tells us that the company sells over 34 million products every year, with a dynamic workforce of around 500-1000 employees globally.

So, let’s go back to history and see the inventors and Inventions that put Hamilton Beach on the path to greatness.

Earlier Hamilton Inventors And Inventions

The employees from whose names founder Fredrick coined Hamilton Beach – Louis Hamilton and Chester Beach initially worked for the U.S Standard Electrical Works. It was a Wisconsin company that manufactured electrical gadgets and later became interested in household appliances.

In 1904, Chester Beach invented a lightweight electric motor that had application in almost every household electric device like a universal motor. It found use in fans, polishing silver, sewing machines, sharpening knives, etc., and it made work easier at home.

Beach, Hamilton, and Fredrick invented the milkshake machine, the Cyclone Drink Mixer, using the fractional motor. Later on, they found a way of making the drink mixer tabletop-friendly and mountable.

In 1930, they modified the milkshake machine to enable multiple milkshakes at the same time. They’d later invent fans, food mixers, meat grinders, juice extractors, and so on. The rest, they say, is history.

And about their vast and loyal customer base, you’d have to look at how good their customer relations are.

Hamilton Beach Customer Relationship

The company’s mission is to find out more convenient ways of making household chores easier. They also hope to create new appliances that make specific jobs easier.

They also have the vision to be the number one company for small kitchen and home appliances.

Hamilton Beach values its customers, who they consider as a top priority. They have impressive customer service and have mapped out various ways to reach them about their products.

For questions and complaints, customers can reach them via the support menu on their website. They also have Facebook and Instagram channels. Physically, they currently have a North Carolina call center.

They also reach out directly to their customers in their homes through their internal innovation team to find out products to make and those that need modifications. Using this strategy, Hamilton Beach can produce better quality products that their customers need.

Their delivery service is also top-notch. Delivery takes place within seven to ten days after order completion. In addition, Hamilton Beach products have a warranty of one year.

Brands Owned By Hamilton Beach Brands

The owners of the Hamilton Beach Brands are not letting up on their expansion drive. Apart from Hamilton Beach, they own a plethora of other consumer brands. They include:

  • TrueAir® air purifiers
  • Hamilton Beach® Professional
  • Proctor Silex®
  • Weston® food preparation equipment
  • Brightline with its personal care products, including rechargeable toothbrushes

Hamilton Beach Brands sells all its commercial products using Hamilton Beach Commercial® and Proctor Silex Commercial®.

The brands we have mentioned are still in business. However, one famous brand –  Kitchen Collection – went defunct in 2019.

What Happened To Hamilton Beach’s Kitchen Collection?

Hamilton Beach launched its Kitchen Collection in 1980, with its headquarters at Chillicothe. It deals in exotic and quality kitchenware, bakeware, gadgets, and kitchen utensils.

Kitchen Collection grew fast, expanding from one store in 1980 to 64 stores about a decade later. However, nosedived when the market started dwindling in Kitchen Collection. People preferred placing orders online than actually going to the stores.

This development caused a reduction in sales. The future looked bleak as hope for cash flow generation in the end fade.

Although Hamilton Beach tried to keep Kitchen Collection running, the company eventually shut off operations by December 2019.

As at that time, Kitchen Collection had about 800 employees across 160 stores nationwide. However, before the closure, the company offered discounts for some products till they eventually shut it down.

We all love brands that give us great and innovative products with excellent customer service. Therefore, most consumers expect that Hamilton Beach will continue to remain in business.

However, this depends a lot on its revenue and financial strength. So, with what we know, what does the future hold for Hamilton Beach?

How Much Money Is Hamilton Beach Making?

The total revenue for 2020 was $603.7 million, down 1.3 percent from $611.8 million the previous year. Increased revenue in the US and Canadian market counterbalanced lower income in foreign and commercial markets.

E-commerce revenue has since climbed by 30% to 32% of overall revenue. Premium product revenue rose by 12% to 11% of overall revenue. And the new Bartesian® cocktail machine became part of the company’s premium inventory in late 2019 and it has received positive feedback from customers. So, an increase is expected in 2021.

What To Expect In The Nearest Future For Hamilton Beach

Since the global pandemic, the company has prioritized staff safety and health, servicing customers and consumers, and driving forward. As a result, Hamilton Beach Brands is a market leader in a critical sector to the pandemic’s success.

A significant competitive advantage is the company’s leading portfolio of consumer-favorite brands and goods, which spans more than 50 categories and includes everything from value to luxury. In 2020, Hamilton Beach Brands will launch roughly 70 new products, with another 100 expected in the next 24 months.

The company intends to give more attention to eCommerce to better position itself for market share growth. They are pursuing this agenda through a variety of digital marketing initiatives.

The company also intends to continue developing new premium products while expanding its footprint through partnerships and licensing agreements.


In conclusion, Hamilton Beach is an excellent brand for household appliances. They have good quality products at pocket-friendly prices, and they also approach new inventions with innovation and consumer demands.

They also have excellent customer service who offer prompt and practical solutions to customer queries.

Hamilton Beach has been around for more than a century, and they have continued to evolve and improve their product lineup. With more inventions coming in, we can only expect more from this leading home appliances brand.

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