Is CyberCoders Legit, Or Is It Just A Big Scam?

Amidst the covid-19 crisis, we have witnessed how the job market suffered and how getting a job became almost impossible.

In order to make more lives easier, recruiting firms such as CyberCoders have been assisting people for a while to get jobs. However, sometimes these recruiting firms are just big scams, so you have to keep your eyes open.

If you have landed on this article, we are pretty sure you have an idea about the controversies CyberCoders has been tied up with. Today, we will be breaking down everything you need to know about CyberCoders to answer your question: is CyberCoders legit?

The Background Of CyberCoders

Founded in 1999, CyberCoders is a California-based recruiting firm with its head office located in Irvine. ASGN Incorporated then acquired the company in 2013.

They focus on software-based algorithms to match candidates with the clients looking to hire people. To help candidates get recruited quickly and without any fuss, CyberCoders use trained recruiters along with their algorithms.

The broad spectrum of jobs that CyberCoders say they recruit for is commendable. The field of employment that they recruit for includes positions in engineering, construction, finance, accounting, sales, and of course, technology.

CyberCoders does not have a huge staff, but it is not a small group of people. On a rough estimate, they are said to have somewhere about 600 employees working full-time for them.

What is quite impressive is their revenue per year which is an astounding 83 Million USD. To be more detailed, their average revenue per employee sums to around 120,000 USD.

Therefore, they are not too far behind their competitors in the industry, but with their goal to be #1, is this enough?

Allegations Of Scamming

Starting off with the negative views towards CyberCoders, let us address the angry mob of candidates accusing them of scamming.

In the Staffing and Outsourcing industry, many recruiting firms promise to be the best permanent placement recruiting firms but end up scamming people endlessly. Naturally, CyberCoders was also subjected to many scrutinies, and to be fair, they deserved some of them.

Many candidates have said that they have submitted their resumes, which contain a lot of their data, to CyberCoders but have not received any legit offers in return. You must know how data is becoming more with every passing day and how Big Data is one of the most important technologies in business.

The plot thickens even further because they say that CyberCoders matches them with several jobs, but when they ring up the contact numbers of the recruiters, they do not even get answered.

These complaints about recruiters having little to no follow-up to the offers they give their candidates have frustrated a lot of candidates. People have said that even if the recruiters answer their calls, they often act like they do not know anything about the respective candidate’s application.

All of this has led to many angry people saying that CyberCoders only exists to take people’s data and use them. Meanwhile, they offer nothing but empty promises to their candidates.

Lastly, CyberCoders say that candidates can increase their chance of getting interviewed over 3 times if they fill in a supplemental application. Soon enough, this additional application was also seen as one of CyberCoders’ strategies to get more data out of their candidates.

Spamming Complaints By Candidates 

This has to be one of the biggest issues, if not THE biggest one, CyberCoders is said to have. Clients and candidates have said that even after years of working with CyberCoders, they would not stop sending spam emails. In some cases, they have reportedly even annoyed people with multiple phone calls. People have said that most of these emails and phone calls are utter rubbish.

While their primary objective is to match candidates with suitable jobs, they seemed to have failed in that sometimes because candidates have complained about getting emails of absolutely irrelevant jobs.

People have said that they have received multiple emails about jobs that are way out of their technical abilities, saying that this was a match for them. We all know how annoying it is to have your inbox flooded with these spam emails.

You even have to read the emails before you put them into your trash in case you miss out on something, so these spam emails undoubtedly waste time.

Spamming is an inferior marketing strategy and often has an adverse effect, but it is not too rare for companies like CyberCoders to apply it. However, usually, companies will stop sending you emails if you tell them to stop and say you are not interested in their offers.

That is not the case with CyberCodders. They do not stop spamming people with emails even if they are told to, which can be very frustrating.

The executive recruiters of CyberCoders who often call people have to repeat the same information that previous recruiters have said to them. Many have gone a step further to say that the company’s idea has poor structure and an unimpressive customer representative.

By this, it seems like the recruiters are rather individuals who do not share data and work independently. This unprofessional behavior has raised quite a few eyebrows, which is why CyberCoders does not have the cleanest reputation in the industry.

This spamming is annoying, but we would not go as far as to say that they are very harmful and will result in you ending up in a situation where you are the victim of some serious fraudulent actions.

Positive Experiences Of Candidates 

Much like CyberCoders, many of these recruiting firms have a lot of controversy around them. It is mainly since not everyone gets recruited by these firms, so they cannot please everyone. That leaves a lot of angry candidates writing horrible reviews online, so not everything can be believed.

However, it is true that CyberCoders does not have the most professional executive recruiters and tends to spam people with a bunch of emails.

After addressing the negative sides of CyberCoders, let us come to the positive experiences that candidates have had with this company.

With the several emails that candidates have received from CyberCoders stating that they have found the right job for the candidates, some candidates with great resumes have gotten jobs with the help of CyberCoders.

Being in the industry since 1999, this recruiting firm has developed ways to work efficiently with some hiring companies to give their candidates lucrative opportunities. Since they receive such large volumes of applications getting a job even with the help of CyberCoders can be very competitive.

They have about 250 recruiters who work with different companies and candidates. CyberCoders claims that they provide thousands of professionals with jobs every year using their software and recruiters.

Although this firm has been under much scrutinies, it has still managed to make space for itself on the Forbes list of America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms in 2021.

CyberCoders’ Employee Experiences 

Although many candidates have seemed to be unsatisfied with CyberCoders’ services, the same cannot be said for the recruiting firm’s employees. There have been barely any major complaints from employees that have made their way to the public.

The pay at CyberCoders is also great, and the engineers there are especially paid quite handsomely.

A survey carried out in 2019 showed that over 92% of CyberCoders’ employees are satisfied with the company and have said that it is an excellent place to work for. This percentage is significantly higher than the average for companies based in the United States, which is 59%.

The employees have said that the work pressure is not beyond what they can handle, and they have a very healthy and welcoming work environment which is essential for a companies’ long-term success.

They also celebrate occasions in their offices, which helps in motivating the employees to work better. Plenty of resources are also provided to the employees in order to increase their efficiency.

Employees have said that what makes CyberCoders an amazing workplace is the office culture, people, and the opportunities they get by working for the company.


What’s the final conclusion? Is CyberCoders legit?

Now, to label a company as a Scam or accuse them of ‘resume farming’ requires a lot of information that is not available to us, so we cannot do that.

However, we must say that CyberCoders should definitely work on their advertising and take a backseat with their spam emails. Additionally, their recruiters should provide better matches to the candidates and be better at following up.

If you are looking to send in an application at CyberCoders to look for a job, we would say that you could do it, but you should also look for other recruiting firms since most people do not seem to get lucrative job offers with CyberCoders.

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