Is Best Buy A Franchise? (not What You Think) 

Many companies have started franchising as a way to expand their presence in a market, allowing them to capture large market shares.

A lot of people wonder about the legal status of Best Buy, which is a question you may ask on your own. Best Buy has over 1,100 stores around the world, which is an impressive feat. However, if you’re looking for answers regarding the legality of Best Buy, I’ve done some research on that and I’ve found out what I could about it.

Is Best Buy A Franchise In 2022? 

Best Buy is not a franchise company but a corporation. All Best Buy stores are owned and operated by the parent company located in Richfield, Minnesota. The company currently runs operations domestically in the US and internationally in Mexico and Canada, with over 1,100 stores in total.

– Best Buy was a publicly traded company from 1993 to 2018, with its principal place of business in Richfield, Minnesota.

If you want to understand why Best Buy is a corporation, who owns it, and how does the company operate, keep on reading!

Why Is Best Buy Not A Franchise? 

However, you have the authority to make changes to your local Best Buy store.

Best Buy is a chain of large electronic superstores that focuses mainly on consumer electronics, but sells a variety of other items as well, from clothing to appliances. The company is a part of EJ Hutton, a US-based financial services firm.

Franchising companies allow investors and entrepreneurs to open a store using their brand name, business operations, and processes.

The franchising operation may take away some of the profits of the
business, thus reducing the net profit of the owner.

So that Best Buy is a corporation, rather then a franchise, which will allow it to be run better. It will be run by a board of directors and not by a single individual.

Who Owns Best Buy?

Being a public company also means that Best Buy is a more publicly owned company that is not controlled by a small group of people.

At the end of the fourth quarter, Best Buy owned 6.2% of its outstanding shares by ownership.

Shareholders are limited in the amount of control they can acquire directly over the business operations of companies.

By law, Best Buy is required to hold regular meetings of shareholders in which they elect directors of the company.

How Does Best Buy Operate As A Corporation? 

In legal jargon, the corporation is a legally separate legal entity from its founder and owner, Richard M. Schulze.

The company is a person, and it can enjoy the rights of an individual person.
Both sentences convey the same meaning, but the first one is more concise.

For example, a company can sue or be sued, enter contracts, own assets, pay taxes and employ people.

Furthermore, in this example,
the majority of the stockholders decided to use one business method (selling a product on the Internet) and the minority decided to use another method (selling through a retail store).

The shareholders of Best Buy Inc. own a percentage of the company and they should pay for their shares to the Best Buy’s treasury upon issuance.

Once the company is incorporated, the shareholders can then appoint a board of directors who will select the executives who will run the company.

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Best Buy is a corporation that operates as a franchise, with a long list of shareholders who vote for a board of directors to appoint management and make important decisions.

It is because Best Buy already has a strong image, and can use the corporation to promote its brand, and to help it to grow.

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