How Much Do Cat Shots Cost At Petsmart? (types, Prices + More)

This is the best place to find a trustworthy veterinarian because you are dealing with a large animal establishment.

In the US, it is recommended that cats over the age of nine months are brought to the veterinarian for an annual exam and vaccination boosters.

How Much Do Cat Shots Cost at PetSmart In 2022?

The company has partnered with Banfield Pet Hospital and Shotvet to add more locations in 2022. PetSmart plans to start selling single shots at certain stores for $24.99 or 4-pack bags that include one vaccination per bag. Package shots are priced at $79.99 for 2 vaccines or $119.99 for 3 vaccines.

There’s a couple ways that you can get your cat’s picture taken by a photographer at PetSmart. You can either let the PetSmart staff do it for you or you can schedule a reservation in advance for a professional photographer.

Can I Get My Cat Vaccinated at PetSmart?

Cats can get their vaccinations at all PetSmart locations.

We are proud to partner with Banfield Pet Hospital to provide vaccinations for your family’s pet.

Please visit your local PetSmart or PetSmart Outlet today – or if you need vaccinations to stay healthy, check with your local Banfield Pet Hospital.

Other, smaller, independent veterinary facilities operate out of PetSmart stores.

How Much Will a Cat Shot Cost Me at PetSmart?

The price of vaccines varies depending on what store you go to and whether you’re getting multiple shots or a single one.

The choice of cage materials can also determine whether your cat will be able to scratch and claw when locked up. For example if your feline is an indoor cat that spends its time in an enclosed room, then a metal cage will be a better choice, while an outdoor cat would require a wire cage.

If you visit a PetSmart store, it will cost you $25.96 for a cat shot.

Shotvet provides the highest quality vaccines that provide the best protection for your pet. They also provide tests and dewormers which you can choose to buy together or separately to provide the best protection and care for your pet.

The first part of this list deals with adult cat booster shots. It is important to note that the first booster dose of kitten vaccinations does not include the feline parvovirus.

A collar with an ID tag, a leash, a bag for toys and accessories, a food bowl, a water bowl, a carrier, and step-up training.

A fecal test will cost you $45 and if it is positive, your cat will be given the vaccine. If the test is negative, your cat will be given the FeLV vaccine. $39 for the vaccine if the test turns positive.

 a scratching post for cats, a toy cat bed, and a cat food bowl featuring the cat’s name.

If your cat comes back positive, then you should get a second test for the FeLV virus.

How Much Do Individual Cat Shots Cost at PetSmart?              

Banfield and Shotvet each charge about three or four dollars for an individual cat shot, but the package shots are much less.

Shotvet, a startup in San Francisco and Seattle, has developed a low cost way of quickly and reliably creating a vaccine. It is a digital vaccine that costs $1, and can be used on a desktop computer, and with a smartphone app, it’s effective even if you’re not using a syringe.

You can’t just throw away your used needles without covering the damage, but they did seem happy to charge us a fee for the privilege.

Pet owners are worried about the cost of the surgery for the cat. They are also worried about the cat getting sick again, and dying.

This online price estimator has found the price for Banfield in your area.

Banfield’s costs will be a bit different depending on the area of the country you intend to travel to.

How Much Will Kitten Shots Cost Me at PetSmart?

Please watch out to not let the kitten lick any other creature or person’s mouth or face.
This is a common problem with kittens, especially with males. While female cats are often born with a closed vagina, males tend to have a longer penis and penis bone and a very mobile clitoris. They can do a lot of things with it, especially when they are very young.

The Vet at Banfield, will advise you on the vaccine required for your kitten, and you will pay for the individualized shots.

Shotvets are a great economical alternative for smaller families looking for a complete solution.

We also need to make this a little shorter.

1st shot at 2 months + $6 of the first month.

* a case of the product for your smartphone
* a case of the product for your tablet
* a case of the product for your laptop

So you’ve got a choice to make if you want a smartphone case or a tablet case, and you’ve got a choice to make if you want a laptop case or a desktop case.

When you go online and check the value of the package you can see that it costs $179 for all shots. However, you can always buy the individual shots from the menu.

What Cat Shots Does PetSmart Offer?

There are several vaccines that are offered at your local pet store. These are very effective if your cat is exposed to a disease that it hasn’t been vaccinated against yet.

Your cat should be fully vaccinated and backed up with annual booster shots by the time they are four months old.

Kittens and puppies should be vaccinated as soon as possible after birth as they face many of the same dangers.

This is in addition to the other vaccinations you will need. You will also need to give your dog some supplements, like probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids to keep his immune system strong.

FVRCP Shot is necessary if you own a cat that is at risk of contracting one of these diseases.

Feline leukemia is a genetic disease that is caused by a cat’s virus. It can cause anemia, fever, hair loss, and a painful swelling of the jaw, tongue, and gums. It can also kill.

Does PetSmart Recommend That I Vaccinate My Indoor Cat?

Indoor cats are less likely to contract disease because they are not outside and are inside when they are sick.

Indoor cats are not as great at interacting with other cats, but they’re not as likely to transmit contagious diseases.

As stated in the link provided, there is a very small chance your cat might get infected by a virus.
If this happens, it will most likely lead to your cat’s death.
Also, since a cat’s immune system is weak, it might not be able to fight off the infection.
Furthermore, the infection could spread from one cat to another.

How Do I Set up an Appointment for My Cat’s Shots at PetSmart?

If you wish to vaccinate your cat with Shotvet, you need to register through the Shotvet website to be able to save for your area.

If you have a dog, the vet will typically give you one vaccine at a time. This vaccine gives your pup the immunizations it needs during the first year of life.

People can see the Banfield hours on the company’s website. Additionally, you can also schedule a vet appointment online.

What Can I Expect After My Cat Has Its Shot? 

If any of these symptoms manifest mildly, you can’t be too alarmed.

But you must tell the vet if you think the dog is sick.

If you know the price for a given item in PetSmart,
you can enter the number in this table and
you’ll find the price for that item in
this table, for most stores.


PetSmart and Banfield Pet Hospital partnered to make it easier for the customers to access the vaccines for cats.

This is convenient, as the parents can only have to visit one clinic for all of their medical needs for their family.

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