Does Petsmart Microchip Dogs & Cats? (price, Locations + Other Faqs)

It is a great location to store all your pet products and essentials. And with their in-store veterinary clinics at many locations nationwide, you can rely on PetSmart for your pet’s medical needs as well.

microchipping, vaccinations, and other essential procedures for their safety. The fact is, you might be wondering about that.

It’s a very common practice in the United States. Most veterinary clinics, shelters, and groomers microchip all of their patients. If your dog or cat becomes lost (or stolen) you can use the microchip to find out where it was. This can be used to find homes for the animals, give people an extra piece of information about your furry friend, and provide some peace of mind for you.
If at any time your pet gets lost, or if the microchip gets damaged, the owner can have it replaced.

Does PetSmart Microchip Dogs & Cats In 2022?

Microchips can contain the owner’s contact information, a registration number, your pet’s name, and a unique identification number. They also contain a special radio frequency that is used to detect your pet’s tag so that it can be found in the event that your pet wanders away.

for more information on how PetSmart’s microchipping services work, pricing,
location, and how PetSmart can make the process as easy as possible for you and your pet!

Does PetSmart Have Microchipping Services?

While Banfield themselves cannot perform microchipping, the company works with many in-store veterinary clinics that can carry out such procedures.

Microchipping clinics are generally open late and offer extended hours to help you out in case you need to find a vet.

What Kind Of Microchipping Service Does PetSmart Offer?

Banfield clinic uses HomeAgain’s Microchip & Pet Recovery system to ensure the best results when the worst happens.

A well established pet portal, that connects animal owners with missing pets around the world.

Can You Get Your Dog Microchipped At PetSmart?

Yes, a dog can be microchipped at PetSmart.

PetSmart and Banfield clinics offer a lot of services and products especially for canine companions.

When asking about your dog’s health, make sure to mention his breed, age, any known health complications and any vaccines he receives.

Can You Get Your Cat Microchipped At PetSmart?

If you have a pet cat, be sure to have their microchip number documented in their medical records just in case you ever need to find them.

When you are scheduling your microchipping appointment. Make sure that you note the name and contact information of your current veterinarian and that you update their information.

How Much Does It Cost To Microchip Dogs At PetSmart?

Microchip your dog at PetSmart and it’s quite affordable to do so. You’ve seen them being done before.

Canine microchipping is normally covered by PetSmart’s in-store Banfield clinics. The microchipping process normally involves a minimal amount of sedation and the price varies based on the location and any additional measures required.

How Much Does It Cost To Microchip Cats At PetSmart?

Banfield clinics are more budget-friendly than the other clinics.
They are located in PetSmart.
Banfield clinics are the best because people can use the money they save to buy other things.

Microchips are usually given to owners of large dogs that do not wear some sort of a tag, to keep track of their identification.

Which PetSmart Locations Microchip Dogs & Cats?

Most pet stores do not have a pet hospital inside of them, but if a pet does show up at the store with a problem it is usually sent to a Banfield for treatment.

A veterinarian can microchip your pet by entering the number of the microchip into a PetSmart store or by checking the microchip number on the animal’s current tag or collar.

To find the closest Banfield practice location:

1. Click here.
2. Select your state.
3. Select the city of your Banfield practice.

After selecting your location, you’ll be shown the list of Banfield practices in your state. Click on one of them in the list to view more information.

Are There Any Other Costs Associated With Microchipping Dogs & Cats?

You will only pay one time procedure fee for each pet getting it’s microchipped at Banfield clinics.

You will likely pay a yearly or lifetime fee with the microchipping company to keep their tracking service active.

PetSmart offers microchipping services at a monthly or yearly subscription rate.
BarkBox offers a pet subscription service for pet parents.

Is Microchipping Your Dog Or Cat Worth The Cost?

It is true that some dogs might like to get lost. This is why, even though they are microchipped, it is the owner’s responsibility to register their pet with the local authorities.

I had to take my cat to the vet one day. I was really worried. When I brought him home, he was really happy.
It was like he had a new home. I had to be there constantly to make sure he was safe.

For other pet products, you can see our other guides on the PetSmart Pet Product return policy, how to get your money back at PetSmart, and the PetSmart Pet Product return policy.


It’s quite common for pet owners to get their cat or dog microchipped if they can’t find them, they’re lost, or they’re injured. In addition to pet safety, microchips can also be used to locate pets that run off or end up in the wild.

Banfield said that the company’s microchips can cost anywhere from $30 to $60 depending on the location. In addition to microchipping, Banfield recommends having an ID tag on your pet as well.

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