Hacked Instacart Account (what Happened + Resolving)

Hackers can find their way in even with all the security that Instacart has put in place. It’s true that if you’re a human shopping for groceries, the app has a built-in security system that blocks you and asks you for your login credentials if there’s any suspicion that you’re trying to steal from the site. But these are simple steps for any shopper to take. And for some, it’s not the hacking itself that the concern, but the personal data that may be exposed.

You might be wondering if your Instacart account can get hacked. Luckily, it’s not a problem if you do everything right when logging in, doing your shopping and getting your food delivered.
However, Instacart has a security problem with people trying to steal credit card information from their accounts. Hackers make purchases, receive payment and then steal the data to get cash from other people.

Can Your Instacart Account Get Hacked In 2022?

With the rise of grocery delivery, hacks and scams involving Instacart have decreased dramatically. However, shoppers need to be aware of any and all security issues when using the app. Many shoppers have had their accounts locked, and in some extreme cases, even deactivated. In order to make sure that shoppers have the best experience possible, Instacart has a support team that can help.

Let’s take a look at what happens when your password or account is hacked, how you can know if you were hacked, how you should handle it, and even how you can get your account back. See below for all the important details!

How Do Instacart Accounts Get Hacked?

The popular grocery delivery service instacart had a response to reports last week that the company was hacked, saying that customers may be at fault for the security issues. The firm has had its share of security snafus.

Maybe there was more to it than they’re saying.

The article also stated that “reused passwords” are a bad idea and said that the person shouldn’t have used the same password repeatedly.

However, it could also lead to hacked Instacart accounts since we’ve seen hackers go after those passwords that are used across multiple websites.

but it might not be so secure after all.

Instacart insists that its tech is secure. And for the most part, it is. But it might not be so secure after all.

The company seemed a little vague and too nonchalant after the release of the memo, so I don’t have much faith in them.

They set up fake online stores that look like legit ones. When people log in, they think they’re ordering a specific product. Instead, however, they’re actually ordering counterfeit versions of that product from that fake store. The product shows up in your home, and you receive a bill.

An unknown person or group of people were able to trick a shopper into giving out his phone number and then they were able to take over his account and order food for him.

They then logged on as him for days, and used his account to send out spam, which is how his emails were blocked.

How Can You Prevent an Instacart Account Hack?

Security is important when using the internet. You can protect your account by knowing how to use caution when using the internet. For example, if you are at a public place, don’t give your username and password to someone in person. If you are giving your password to someone over the phone, make sure you choose a secure phone number and make sure your username is not easily guessable.

Password for the Instacart app should be different from your other passwords, as it is a more personal and more sensitive account.

Just like in the real world, you should set a unique password that you will never forget for any services you use.

If you’re going to use a dating app, it’s better to meet up in person than to put yourself in harm’s way.

In summary, when you are a customer, do not give out your phone number, full name, or any other personal, identifying information to the customer.

If you will be giving them your personal number, then you will be helping scammers to hack into your own bank account.

Remember to call from the App only if that’s how they want it, so don’t bother calling from the shopper app.

How Do You Know If an Instacart Account Was Hacked?

A lot of consumers didn’t realize that their Instacart account was hacked until it was too late.

They might sign in and find out their money is in limbo, or that they can’t sign in to their bank or credit card at all, because they can’t get a new account set up.

Instacart deactivated accounts when they detected suspicious behavior like login from strange location, or too many attempts.

You may have been deactivated as many people have faced this issue while attempting to register new accounts.

The guy had his account hacked and the changes are gone. This happened to him yesterday.

They were able to steal the account because they were able to manipulate Apple devices, which led to the account not be able to set up the account with a new email address, and change the number.

After this occurred, there was a lot of confusion going on. But the more information they got, they knew that something was wrong.

What Should You Do If Your Instacart Account Was Hacked?

If you believe that your Instacart account was hacked, you should contact the Instacart Care team and get in touch with them immediately.

The first thing you will need to do is provide proof that you own an Instacart account. If you have more than one, please provide proof for both.

– Please go to App – Shopper – Live Chat and message a customer representative.
– In the shopper app, choose “Customer Service” in the Menu bar on the top right-hand side.
– Select “Live Chat” (which will be enabled) and complete your message
– Message will be received by a representative and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

If you can’t find someone to help you, there is a way around this.
You can just ask for some documentation that proves that your company is a legitimate one, that the people you are hiring are legally allowed to work in United States.

They called an 800 number and said there was no problem with their account, but in the meantime they made an account on their own and they could use that one. A few days later, they realized that they had a problem and contacted us again, explaining the whole story.

They had to get escorted to someone in the fraud section, who cited the severity of the case and gave them priority.

It appears the bank froze the method after the person changed their email or phone number. I would try resetting it via the link the security person gave.

You can use this service for making changes to your phone by simply moving over the information you want to change.

To be safe, it’s best to contact Instacart Care ASAP. Even better if you can speak to a human on the phone.

How Can You Get Your Instacart Account Back After a Hack?

In some cases, when an account is deactivated, it has a 24 hour delay. Once the investigation is complete, the user is automatically reactivated and can use their account again.

If someone has had enough, maybe it’s time for them to lose their entire account.

The issue lies in the fact that the app is trying to compete with some major food delivery apps, and this is a space that they might not be prepared for.

If you’re not getting your Instacart Shopper account reactivated or reinstated to you at this point, there is no surefire way to get it reinstated to you.

Instacart is a great example of a company with a high level of customer service. They’re always very helpful and they try their best to accommodate everyone’s preferences.

Here you can see that the items were delivered to the customer, but there is no evidence of it on the Instacart customer profile. The items were delivered to the customer but did not show up on the Instacart customer order history.
The number of items the customer ordered does not match the number of items in the Instacart customer order history.


It is very upsetting to be hacked. Because you are a customer, and rely on their services, I am sorry for the issue.

It’s not that simple though. Because we rely on people coming to our store to buy a new phone, having their phone numbers and email addresses can be helpful for marketing purposes.

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