Exposing (or confirming) the Martingale strategy for online slots

Martingale Strategy for Playing Online Slots: Discussing the Most Popular Scheme

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of strategies that are used to play online slots. But not all of them become mega-popular. The Martingale system is one of those that won the hearts of gamblers. It has been known since the 18th century and is used not only in slots but also in roulette, sports betting and other gambling entertainment. So let’s discuss it so that you can decide whether you will use this system in Canadian online slots or not.

What is the Essence of the Martingale for Online Slots

The name of the strategy has several versions of its appearance. One of them is that the word came from the jargon of Occitan (Occitania — South of France) gamblers. They had the phrase “a la martengalo”, which translates as “to play in an absurd way”. Also, “martengalo” is a word that was used to call the inhabitants of the southern city of France, who were distinguished by their naivety. In other words, it means “naive simpletons.”

But, despite not having the most pleasant associations with the name of the method, many consider it a win-win and use it in online slots for real money https://on.kingbilly.ca/en/online-slots/ . Is this really so, we will discuss it further, but for now let’s figure out what its essence is.

Everything is very simple: the player must increase his bet after each loss in such a way that the possible winnings cover all previous expenses. The easiest option is to double the bet when the player loses. If he wins, then the bet is reduced to the original value.

An Example of Using the Strategy

First you need to choose the best online slots that will differ in special parameters. It works best if you play on the same line. In addition, it would be nice if even the smallest win would double the bet.


  1. You bet $1 per spin.
  2. The spin did not bring you a win.
  3. You increase your bet to $2 and spin again.
  4. If it fails again, the bet is raised to $4.
  5. If the new spin is successful, you take the winnings and return the bet to $1.

The principle of the method is based on the fact that no online slots in Canada can constantly be lost. Some time after the losses, there will definitely be a winning spin, then all previous expenses pay off.

System Features

No phenomenon can be perfectly positive or completely negative. Everywhere has its advantages and disadvantages. And the Martingale is no exception.

Most players who visit online casino for slots with potential winnings have tried this approach. And highlight its strengths and weaknesses. In addition, modern casinos and games are significantly different from those that were in the 18th century, when the strategy appeared. This also affects its practicality.


How good this strategy is is easy to understand. Here are its main benefits:

  • it is very easy to understand, no complex calculations are required to use it;
  • allows you to return the entire loss in just one win;
  • theoretically, it always leads to a win.

If you are going to play slots online for real money, then it makes sense to try this strategy, but before that, it is important to familiarize yourself with its weaknesses.


The system is far from being as universal as it seems at first glance. It is even dangerous to use it in some cases, and here’s why:

  • not suitable for all online slots;
  • there is a risk of losing everything;
  • does not increase the chances of winning (as, indeed, any other systems);
  • brings a small net profit;
  • losses, in the case of a long chain of losses, grow exponentially.

The problem is that modern slot machines contain maximum bet limits. If you get into a series of losses, and the bet increases to the maximum value, and the win does not come, then all the money, unfortunately, will be lost. Therefore, you need to be careful to use online slots to win real money.

Strategy Variation: Reverse Martingale

Since the described strategy is considered quite aggressive, because it takes most of the budget in a short time, a modification was created, which is called the reverse martingale. In this case, things work a little differently:

  1. You start playing with the minimum bet and bet until you get a win.
  2. The bet after winning must be equal to the amount won.
  3. If you lose, make the minimum bet again.
  4. If you win, then place a bet of the same size as you won.

You should continue in this way until your limit of losses set within the framework of responsible gambling is over, or until you win the required amount. Any casino with slots online allows you to use it.

Example: You bet $0.10 and you lose. Then they repeated the action and lost again. On the third time, you won, for example, 1 dollar. Place a $1 bet and start the spin. If you lose, your next bet should be $0.10. If you win, for example, 5 dollars, then the next bet will be equal to 5 dollars.

Is the System Working?

If you choose online slots in Canada for real money, then it is better to use reverse Martingale. This will help to more intelligently redistribute the budget. The strategy can be applied if the maximum bet limit is high and you start with the smallest bet.

But, despite the simplicity and incredible popularity, this system cannot be considered the best at the moment. There are many risks: losing money, not stopping in time, choosing the wrong slot machine, etc.

Test Strategy at King Billy Casino

If you like this system, you want to test it, but you are afraid of losing money, you should not be upset. After all, there is a King Billy casino where you can try the best online slots in Canada in demo versions. They work on the same principle as a real money machine, so you can understand if the Martingale strategy is actually profitable.

In addition, the site has many other advantages. This is a popular online gambling club with a good reputation. Here you will find the latest Canadian slots online and try your luck with bonuses from King Billy!

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