Does Walmart Pay Weekly? [your Full Guide]

Walmart is a company that has hundreds of locations that sell merchandise from everyday items to groceries.

Having an accurate budget and knowing when you are getting paid is very important. Being able to track your spending is important for saving money responsibly.

Does Walmart Pay Weekly In 2022?

Additionally, since Walmart has 2 million employees, there are just a few thousand in the United States, so a big percentage of those employees are paid biweekly to ensure that all their wages get paid properly.

Before considering a job with Walmart, you need to know what will happen if you don’t pay your bill. You may have heard that Walmart has multiple payment plans that are available to help you stay on top of your debt with Walmart.

How Walmart Employees are Paid

Depending on where you live and how much work you do, you may or may not earn overtime pay, and how much overtime pay you do receive, is based on the company’s hourly rate.

The First Paycheck – What to Expect

If you begin working at Walmart during the middle of a pay period, you may have to wait until the subsequent pay period to receive your paycheck.
That makes sense to me.

If the company hasn’t processed all of your hours and wages, they may have some or all of the money.

However, you won’t get paid for your “current” work unless state law dictates otherwise. Instead, you’ll get paid for the work you did two weeks prior.

Know when your paycheck is due you can better track your hours and make sure you are being compensated properly.

Getting Paid Sooner with the Even App

Walmart is going to be offering a faster way to get paid before your actual payday starting next year.

Employees can use a new app called Even(tm), which allows them to manage when and how they receive their paycheck.

The Even app is a financial planning app that helps you save for future and invest for your future. It’s kind of like having your own financial advisor in your pocket.
The app can help you plan your spending and save for your goals.

With the Even app, you can be paid the amount you wish the day you are normally paid.

To deal with a current expense, you tap the “+” icon and then choose a category (e.g. “Laundry”). From there, you can add your spending to the appropriate account (e.g. “Laundry”). At a later date, you can then review the transaction.

Another Way to Make Some Extra Cash at Walmart

Walmart has created a cool option that allows you get cash back in your Walmart rewards card if you have unused paid time off.

An employee is not eligible for paid time off during a year unless they have earned paid time off during that year. Any unused vacation or comp time will roll over to the following year.

If you have more than 10 days of paid vacation saved up, your paid time off will roll over to the next year, and whatever is left will be converted into cash and deposited straight into your bank account.

Not a Bad Way to Get Paid

A lot of people prefer to get a check every week. However, getting paid bi-weekly will teach you about financial responsibility.

It is extremely easy to set up automatic payments with the Even app that will ensure you don’t miss a payment.

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Walmart might not be a fun place to work as you can easily lose your job there if you don’t know the company dress code, the employee discount card, or if you are on a lunch break.

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