Does Tractor Supply Sell Crickets? (all You Need To Know)

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Does Tractor Supply Sell Crickets In 2022?

Tractor Supply does not sell live crickets, but they do allow customers to purchase crickets online. The different sizes include pinheads, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 and 2/3 inch sizes. There is an extra 10% over the count.

You may find that it will take some time to find out that buying crickets at Tractor Supply may be the best option for you. In this article, you’ll find all you need to know; plus, you’ll find ideas about what to say.

Can You Buy Crickets At Tractor Supply?

Tractor Supply sells live crickets for reptile diet. It doesn’t sell pet food for other species, such as wild birds or frogs.

You can also get treats for your reptiles that may contain crickets, lizards and other animals.

There are three types of live crickets. These include house crickets, dwarf crickets and mole crickets.

What Size Crickets Does Tractor Supply Sell?

Insects are sold in four different sizes. Each type has a different number of legs. The smallest size is two legs, the medium size is four legs, and the large size is six legs. Each size also has different colors. The small size is red, the medium size is brown, and the large size is maroon. The crickets are sold in a crate for between $9 and $15.

What Is A Live Guarantee On Crickets?

You get your cricket cage with a live guarantee.

The vendor is responsible for the cost of damaged, lost or missing merchandise. The vendor is also responsible for any labor charge for repair.
You must contact the vendor immediately if any of your items are damaged, lost or missing. The vendor must be notified within 24 hours of receiving your package.

Moreover, the guarantee depends on the season and temperatures and is usually for about 24 to 72 hours. At Tractor Supply, live arrival is guaranteed.

For the winter, each box contains 10% more than the original advertised count. This does not include overstock or shipping costs.

How Much Do 50 Crickets Cost?

If you buy 1,000 crickets you can save a lot of money. However, the crickets at Tractor Supply are way better than the ones you can buy online.

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Where Else Can You Buy Live Crickets?

You can buy live crickets from Petco, Petsmart and Chewy. You can also buy live crickets online from Amazon, Zappos, Petco and Chewy.

Live crickets can be purchased online or at some specialty stores.
The crickets are usually small, and have white and brown stripes on the legs.
Some people use crickets in gardening, as they eat pests.
Some people raise them to a big size, to eat.

Does Walmart Sell Live Crickets?

The new products are a result of a Walmart initiative to provide customers with natural and humane-raised food and treats for their pets.

How Do You Store Live Crickets?

It takes 7 days for crickets to grow and develop the ability to survive on their own. They wouldn’t survive if they were in the box for too long.

However, the safest way to keep crickets is to put them in an air-tight container. This is so the crickets can move around inside the container; but the container must be tightly sealed so the cricket does not escape. Most of these containers have a lid that the cricket can climb over or even jump through; and many have a sealable hole in the lid for ventilation.

You will need to take care of your crickets’ health. Feed them fresh food and water. They will need a variety of specialty cricket feed as well. Potatoes, bananas, apples, and carrots are great food choices.

to reduce evaporation, you can use a paper towel and/or a sponge soaked in water to prevent water from evaporating.

You can try making a funnel with a piece of paper and some tissue paper, and place that in a jar of water.

Also, they must be kept at a temperature of 70 degrees to 80 degrees.

How Much Is A Tube Of Crickets?

A measuring tube is filled with 100 crickets and costs about $19.95 at Amazon. It can also be used to measure mealworms and super worms.

If you want to learn more, check out our post on if Tractor Supply sells fish and to learn more about Tractor Supply and their products.


Tractor Supply sells live crickets on their website. They ship them to your nearest physical location and then have them delivered to your house.

You can pick a box of the size you need. They are shipped with a guarantee to make sure what you pick is okay.

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