Does Kohl’s Take Coupons? (stacking, Manufacturers + More)

The fashion industry offers an array of coupons and deals that will allow a person to shop for what they like and save money in the process.

When I visited Kohl’s a few weeks ago, I saw several coupons on their website and on the sales floor. I wondered if Kohl’s was already working on bringing in the use of these types of coupons, so I decided to investigate this further and was able to find and print out several coupons on the spot.

Does Kohl’s Take Coupons In 2022?

Kohl’s has a lot of great deals and coupons that are not available anywhere else. I have a monthly coupon program and have made shopping there easy. It is not uncommon for me to find great deals and discounts that I can’t find anywhere else.

For additional information, refer to the following links: –

You may read our complete Kohl’s Coupon Policy, which includes a list of all current and upcoming Kohl’s discount events.
You may also read our complete Kohl’s coupon policy page for additional information on all coupons.

Can I Stack Coupons at Kohl’s?

Staggering coupons can lead to a lower percentage spent per coupon. (The average household spends about 3.3% of their available cash on coupons but spend an average of 7.6% on any given coupon.) Staggering coupons also reduces the amount of time spent in the store. This in turn will reduce your cash outlay, which will reduce the amount of money you spend on coupons.

You can only use one coupon of the same type (percents, ECB, etc) on a single website order.

However, multiple department specific Kohl’s coupon codes can be added. Usually, Kohl’s only allows up to four department specific coupon codes to be added to the total.

If you’re at the store, here’s what you do:
1. Take advantage of the 6 coupons and buy as much as you’d like.
2. At the end of the shopping trip, simply go to any U.S. Kohl’s location and use the rewards card to collect your cash.

You can spend up to 6 Kohls Cash at a time. So if you have $5 in Kohl’s Cash and want to use it up, you need to spend $6. You can’t spend just $5. If you have more than 6 Kohl’s Cash, you can only spend it up to 6 times.

Does Kohl’s Accept Manufacturer Coupons?

For, manufacturer coupons are unable to be applied to any order. Customers are not to use manufacturer coupons at the register with in-store orders, but will be accepted on online orders.

For physical stores, it is up to individual store manager’s discretion whether to issue a manufacturer coupon; however, most of the time, they will accept them.

As a result of the recent political unrest between the United States and Iran, we’re unable to ship gift certificates and gift cards to residents of any country in Iran. If you had already purchased a gift certificate or gift card, the card will be honored, but we’re unable to ship these cards to Iran. If you have any questions, Kohl’s Customer Service can be reached at 1-800-541-5632.

What Types of Coupons Does Kohl’s Have?

Kohl’s has offers for a wide variety of coupons. While the values may sometimes change, customers can usually find coupons valued between 10-30% off.


You then can search for coupons by clicking on the blue text link labeled “Find a Coupon” at the top of the page. You can also search the text of the coupons by putting the letters in the right hand column in the quotes.

You can add a new category to the searches by clicking the “Add Category” button at the top left.

Kohl’s Card members get a regular percentage off coupon as a Kohl’s Card Exclusive. The values vary and currently this discount can be found from 15-30%.

In the summer, Kohl’s gives sales and coupons to consumers, so that consumers will shop at their stores.

Students who will be attending school in the coming semester, and/or students who buy school supplies from school districts will qualify for 20% off all Kohl’s school supply coupons.

Kohl’s also has a program where shoppers earn points by buying their favorite brands. These points can be used like cash. Kohl’s is also the only store to offer a loyalty program that allows customers to earn points with a purchase.

Do I Have to Use My Kohl’s Cash Coupons All at Once?

Kohl’s coupons do not have to be used in one purchase and can be used throughout multiple purchases if they have not expired.

After using up their Kohl’s Cash, customers will be able to use their $10 credit on new purchases at Kohl’s.

If a customer decides to use their Kohl’s cash on a single item, they should know that they can only use up to six coupons per purchase.

This applies to your physical coupons. You can’t redeem them or transfer them to an account that doesn’t apply to digital coupons.

Will Kohl’s Take Expired Coupons?

Kohl’s only accepts the original coupon that was printed on the paper, and doesn’t apply the discount to a different one if the coupon is gone for the day.

For Kohl’s Cash, however, there is more flexibility. Their policy state that you can redeem Kohl’s Cash (Cash Points or Cash Back) up to 10 days after they expire if you received it (or it was mailed to you) right before the promo period was over.

In order to obtain their free Kohl’s Cash, all customers should note that it’s up to the store manager of each store to decide whether to issue the free items.

How Do I Get Kohl’s Mystery Coupons?

The mystery coupons will be sent to people who are subscribed to the email list.

Kohl’s is offering 20% off all clothing, shoes and accessories. This offer is valid from August 15, 2002 until October 31, 2002. To receive this offer, customers must go to, and enter the promo code “KOHOL” when checking out.

Kohl’s mystery coupons are the result of a combination of factors, including the retailer’s ongoing effort to increase the level of customer engagement, a change in the way we work with partners to deliver our sales and a growing trend of personalized offers on the web.

Can I Put Kohl’s Coupons In My Digital Wallet?

You can easily add your coupon to your digital wallet. There is a discounts section on the Kohl’s App and website that automatically applies coupons to orders.

Adding a code is simple once you’re logged into your digital wallet and you can find the coupon that you want to add by clicking the plus button, scrolling down and finding the coupon. Once you’ve found it, click in the coupon field and a box will appear telling you the code you can add.

To learn more, you can also see our related posts on whether or not Kohl’s will accept returns of Kohl’s Cash if you have an issue, or if you simply want to return the card.


While we don’t have a specific list of Kohl’s coupons available on our website, we do offer Kohl’s Coupons on our blog that can be viewed by clicking the button above. With an email subscription and the ability to make Kohl’s offers from your phone, we can help you save on your next purchase.

Kohl’s customers can use coupons of the same value and add them to their Kohl’s Wallet online/on the app or by clipping coupons from Kohl’s fliers.

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