Does Cvs Sell Walmart Gift Cards? (full Guide)

Walmart’s huge variety of products and cheap prices make it a perfect option for Christmas in case you are not sure what the recipient likes.

When purchasing a Walmart gift card online, the options will be for specific countries like the United States. However, if you’re looking for a gift card that covers international travel, such as a CVS gift card, you have to visit a physical register and pick up your gift card there.

Does CVS Sell Walmart Gift Cards In 2022?

Walmart gift cards are accepted around the world and the gift card purchase process is easy and straightforward. Since the gift card can be used at Walmart stores and online, it is a good gift that allows the user to save money.

CVS does not sell Walmart gift cards, but they sell other gift cards. The other gift cards CVS sells are Target gift cards, Chase gift cards, Visa gift cards, Discover gift cards, and American Express gift cards. If you want to buy a gift card from Walmart, you can buy gift cards for any store that carries Walmart gift cards. For example, Walmart card are also sold by CVS, but you can only buy Walmart gift cards from CVS. They will not sell Walmart gift cards for cash.

Where Can I Buy A Walmart Gift Card?

Walmart gave out more than 40,000 gift cards at Target stores across the U.S.

Since the company has no other business other than selling things, you’ll rarely find anything for sale outside of a Walmart store.

Secondary websites such as offer gift cards that are valid, but are not guaranteed by Walmart Inc. To ensure that a gift card is valid, use the Gift Card Validation Tool.

If you prefer to buy a gift card to the person you want to treat from Walmart, you can pay for the Walmart e-gift card from PayPal.

What Gift Cards Are Available For Purchase At CVS?

If you’re looking for gift card ideas, or just know that a certain gift card would be a cool gift, then you should probably stop by a CVS store or online today.

You could always use a gift card from a store. There are plenty of other gift cards out there, and the store that you got it at will also have other gift cards to use. For example, you could get a gift card from Target, and use that to buy at Walmart.

Customers can also purchase gift cards powered by banking providers such as the Vanilla Visa gift card and American Express gift card.

The Vanilla Visa gift card is issued by Chase. Customers of Chase will receive $10 back when
spending $200 or more.

You can also use your Google Wallet balance and debit card to purchase things from some retailers, and load it back to your account when you’re done.

Customers can activate the SIM card in their mobile device as soon as they receive it.

This is not a standard SIM card.

You can buy a Green Dot card from CVS or you can also buy a Netspend card, the OneVanilla card, or you can buy a Visa card with no rewards.

To add some more information to this point, in the United States the fee is $6, in my country (Argentina) it is $5 and in Colombia it is $4.

Why Doesn’t CVS Sell Walmart Gift Cards?

Walmart is a growing pharmacy competitor as it continues to expand its lines of health and wellness products.

However, the companies also have to deal with different economic levels.

No, CVS does not stock Walmart’s products. Walmart would probably want them to, but CVS will not because it would be unfair and unethical to Walmart and it’s customers.

The main reason is that there’s no “add-and-remove” functionality within these cards.

If you want to buy a third-party gift card at CVS, you should contact CVS customer services ahead of your visit to check whether they offer the gift card that you need.

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The main method of acquiring a Walmart Gift Card is through Walmart itself. You can also obtain a Walmart gift card from a third-party retailer or vendor with a website. This could be anything as simple as finding a $2 gift card at the grocery store, or something more complex and expensive such as a $50+ gift card on Amazon. Another popular way to get Walmart Gift Card is from people who have bought them as gift items to other members of the family.

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