Cryptocurrency Brokers to Watch in 2022

Cryptocurrency exchanges that cater to U.S. bitcoin trading have three key advantages. An easy-to-use website is the second need. Several cryptocurrencies may be traded, including bitcoin and ethereum.

Accordingly, we focused on conventional U.S.-based exchanges and established U.S.-based online brokers that are expanding to provide bitcoin trading on top of their usual stock trading. Visit the digital Yuan for more accurate information about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Top Cryptocurrency Brokers

You need to find out what sort of broker best meets your bitcoin objectives because various brokers have different characteristics. Social trading platforms allow you to mimic the transactions of other cryptocurrency traders into your trading account.

Other providers might offer a more comprehensive assortment of cryptocurrencies. Choosing the best cryptocurrency broker primarily depends on how well you meet your demands as an investor.

If you’re looking to invest in or trade-in cryptocurrency, the following list of crypto brokers is for you.


Trading CFDs and investing in stocks and crypto assets are available on the eToro platform. Please keep in mind that CFDs are highly leveraged securities that have a significant risk of losing money quickly.

Trading CFDs with this supplier results in 67% of retail investor accounts losses. Cryptoassets are highly speculative investments that can move dramatically in a short period, making them unsuitable for everyone. 

There is no EU regulatory framework for trading crypto assets other than through CFDs.

TheEToro USA LLC does not offer CFDs company makes no representations or takes any duty about this publication’s accuracy or completeness, generated by our partner using publicly accessible, non-entity-specific information regarding eToro.

In 2007, eToro was founded, and it has since been utilized by more than 200,000,000. 

Trading CFDs with this supplier results in 67% of retail investor accounts losses. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and index funds (IIFS) are available through eToro.

The company also provides social trading and various other services (ETF). eToro’s access to cryptocurrency is restricted due to government oversight. eToro may not allow you to buy and sell actual bitcoin assets in your jurisdiction. 

Interactive Brokers 

Using this platform, you may trade a wide variety of securities at reasonable costs.

Most traders do not commission purchases or sales of options, futures, FX, or mutual funds. IBKR Lite offers free trades to novice traders and investors, but it is still aimed at more experienced traders and investors.


Over 89,000+ traders use it daily, making it one of the most popular trading tools. Due to their high degree of leverage, contracts for difference (CFDs) carry a significant danger of losing money quickly.

Consumers who trade CFDs with this service lose money in the vast majority (79%). Think about whether you know enough about CFDs and whether you’re willing to accept the considerable risk of losing your money before you invest any money.

Forex, CFDs, and Social Trading are all available at Pepperstone.


TradeStation, a leading trading technology provider, offers zero-cost stock and ETF transactions to both casual and active investors via its web-based and award-winning desktop platforms.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and XRP may all be traded on TradeStation Crypto. TradeStation Crypto is a viable option for both institutional and recreational investors. 

A part of the Monex Group, Inc., one of Japan’s major online financial services companies, TradeStation is based in Plantation, Florida (1).

Omega Research was founded in 1982, and TradeStation was renamed Omega Research in 1993. Before its acquisition by the Monex Group of Japan, We developed the TradeStation Group’s central TradeStation platform in 1991.


You can buy and sell the most popular cryptocurrency pairings on Coinbase, including Bitcoin and the Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Coinbase Earn is a unique function that allows you to earn bitcoin incentives. The Coinbase Pro platform is ideal for more skilled traders since it offers a broader range of order types and improved functionality.

Even if Coinbase’s pricing and fees aren’t the most competitive, even a total newcomer can get the hang of it with only one transaction.


An IRA provider that allows you to invest in cryptocurrency, gold, and silver through your retirement account is self-directed.

When it comes to investing in alternative investments, iTrustCapital is dedicated to making the process as simple as possible, which may be a massive benefit if you’re a novice. 

At iTrustCapital, you have the option of receiving your retirement funds in cash or in the assets you’ve invested in once you reach the age of retirement.

Even though the platform has a smaller selection of cryptos than other brokers like Coinbase, iTrustCapital is still an excellent location to invest.


Commission-free stock and ETF trading are available through Webull, a mobile app brokerage launched in 2017.

Regulation by the SEC and FINRA ensures that it’s safe and secure (FINRA). Active traders may use Webull’s technical indicators, calendars, ratings from research firms, margin trading, and short-selling to their advantage.

Webull’s trading platform is geared for intermediate and advanced traders, but it may also benefit those just getting started. To many, one of the most excellent Robinhood alternatives is Webull.

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