Bitcoin – A Basic Walkthrough

Bitcoin emerged as a response to the 2008 global economic crisis, when topmost banks charged excessive fees, manipulated the framework, and exploited borrowers’ money. The Bitcoin founder chose to eliminate mediators, make transactions transparent, and cut high transaction fees and interest rates to deal with such problems. Therefore, a shared network system came into existence, where the users could manage their funds transparently. Bitcoin became the most prominent cryptocurrency in the global market within a short period. Typically, it is a digital currency not aligned with any financial institution, state, or government. Learn more:

How do we use Bitcoin?

One can use Bitcoin as an alternative to traditional government-authorized fiat currencies. For example, one can expedite international payments through Bitcoins. Setting up a Bitcoin wallet account will help you use Bitcoin funds similar to the money in your PayPal or Paytm account. These services are delivered to you by providers such as BitPay and Coinbase. There are millions of retailers who accept Bitcoin payments for almost every commodity. In addition, you can use Bitcoins to earn more by investing in faucet websites that reward you for completing daily tasks. Some platforms allow you to lend a fraction of your Bitcoins to institutions or investors and earn interest. Additionally, there are trading methods such as Swing trading and Day trading. Gemini, Robinhood Crypto, and are some appropriate platforms to start.

Risks associated with Bitcoins

Bitcoins have specific loose ends making people seek better alternatives. Bitcoins have the following limitations: 

  • The swing in their market value is unpredictable.
  • Losing private key means losing all your funds. 
  • No way to cancel or reverse a transaction once done. 
  • The inconspicuousness of bitcoin transactions could be a loophole for criminal activities.
  • The advantages of bitcoins incline toward the early users.

Factors to be considered while purchasing Bitcoins

The three factors to be considered are as follows:

  • Payment options to purchase Bitcoins include payment apps, bank transfers, debit and credit cards, barter, and cash.        
  • Platforms or channels to buy Bitcoins include OTC exchange services, digital wallets, digital payment platforms such as PayPal, and peer-to-peer marketplaces.
  • You may wonder about the repository of Bitcoins after your purchase. You can store them in a self-custody bitcoin wallet such as Wallet controlled by you. Otherwise, you can have them in custodial wallets operated by third parties such as Coinbase and BitPay.

How to purchase Bitcoins?

Let us assume you want to purchase Bitcoins from a non-custodial platform such as You should know that you can make purchases using your credit or debit card and even through digital payment platforms. Now, let us discuss the steps as follows:

  • Open the buy bitcoin page.
  • Select the type of Bitcoin that you wish to buy.
  • Choose the currency and enter the amount in the empty field.
  • Click the buy option.
  • Enter your crypto wallet address where you want to store your Bitcoins.
  • Choose a payment option to purchase.

However, the risk associated with a non-custodial Bitcoins wallet is that you can lose access to your account and assets if you lose your backup recovery key.

The steps for buying Bitcoins from a centralized cryptocurrency exchange are as follows:

  • Open the website of a cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Set up an account and verify your credentials. 
  • Purchase your Bitcoin following the instructions mentioned on the website.
  • Your Bitcoin funds will get displayed in your crypto exchange account.

Process of transferring bitcoins

Now, let us discuss how to transfer Bitcoin funds. To purchase a commodity or avail of some services, you can make payments through the following process:

  • Open your Bitcoin wallet after copying the retailer’s cryptocurrency address.
  • After clicking on the Sends coin option, you will see the Pay To field. Paste the copied address in this field.
  • When you transfer funds frequently to a particular individual or group, you can label their crypto addresses. By doing this, you can avoid entering their address repeatedly.    
  • Enter the amount in the field below and click send option at the bottom of the interface to complete the transaction.


While investing in Bitcoins, you should also educate yourself about multiple crypto scams taking place all across the globe. Stay alert and avoid clicking on phishing links and Ponzi websites. Beware of fake crypto exchanges and wallets. 

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