Can You Do Doordash On Two Phones (What To Know!)

Although Doordash is not something you can use on more than one phone, it may offer some benefits to you as a customer. However, as a Doordash delivery person, you might be interested in the benefits and possibilities that the app could bring you.

This article will help you determine if it is possible and if it should be done.

DoorDash can be used on two phones

Although technically you can DoorDash from two phones, it is against DoorDash policies and could result in you losing your Dashing privileges. DoorDash can block one or both of the accounts if they discover that you are dashing on more than one phone.

Yes, you can DoorDash with two phones. However, having both phones close and the app open is not enough.

This would not be in line with their operational policies, and could lead to you losing your position as a dasher.

Their policy states that this is to ensure the safety of all their customers, including consumers who order food and restaurants who prepare the food. To ensure privacy and compliance with regulations, it is important to adhere to the rules.

This basically means that you would find it difficult to keep organized while simultaneously managing two phones.

Even if this is possible, managing two phones with different personal information would be a disaster. It’s best to stick with one phone.

Dooordash offers a way to increase earnings and enhance your experience.

Are you able to have two DoorDash orders at the same time?

Yes, you can deliver multiple orders to different businesses simultaneously. This feature is called “DoubleDash” by Doordash, and was introduced recently to enable their drivers to get the most from the app.

DoubleDash is available at:

  • 7-Eleven
  • Walgreens
  • Wawa
  • QuickChek
  • The Ice Cream Shop
  • DashMart

While some restaurants are still in the testing phase, expect to see more businesses added to this feature.

What is the process?

First, a customer places an order for delivery with a seller through DoorDash. After the checkout, a popup will appear asking customers if they’d like to use DoubleDash to add items from another business. It’s as simple as adding additional items to their order. All of this will be handed to the driver.

Are you able to have two DoorDash accounts on one phone?

You can do this by using the App Clone available on Google Play. However, it is not clear if this would be accepted as per Doordash’s policy.

It allows you to have two active Doordash accounts on your phone at once, so you can make more deliveries each day. You are planning the next order on the other app while you’re delivering an order.

Nevertheless, Doordash does not provide this feature as an official one.

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You should not use DoorDash on more than one phone at a time if you are unsure. It will only cause you problems, and not increase your earnings.

You can instead look into DoubleDash and be patient. If you can learn to read the area you are in and keep your work consistent, you will eventually realize that you don’t need a second phone.

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