8 Tips to Explore the Best Gundam Model Kits

You find yourself surrounded by an array of Gundam model kits, each box promising the creation of iconic mechs with intricate details. The shelves are a colorful canvas of possibilities as you stand in the hobby store. 

But the sheer variety of choices leaves you contemplating – how do you explore and choose the best Gundam model kits? In this article, you will go through the eight best tips on how to explore and buy gundam model kits

1. Understand the Gundam Series

Gundam offers a vast universe of mobile suits and storylines. With that in mind, familiarize yourself with the various series and identify the mobile suits that capture your interest. Knowing the background and lore enhances your appreciation for the model kits, making the selection process more enjoyable.

Also, take time to explore iconic mobile suits like the RX-78-2 Gundam or the Wing Gundam Zero. Each suit has its unique design and backstory, allowing you to align your preferences with specific models. Online resources, the Gundam anime series, and official websites are excellent tools for delving into the rich world of Gundam.

2. Explore Different Grades

Gundam model kits come in different grades, each offering a distinct level of detail and complexity. Understanding these grades is crucial in finding the kit that suits your preferences and skill level.

High Grade (HG)

Ideal for beginners, HG kits are easy to assemble and budget-friendly. They offer good detail despite being simpler in design.

Master Grade (MG)

MG kits boast higher detail levels and articulation. They are perfect for modelers with some experience, providing a more intricate building process.

Perfect Grade (PG)

PG kits are the pinnacle of detail and complexity. Geared toward experienced modelers, they offer the highest level of realism and often include intricate internal structures.

3. Research Online Forums

Delving into online forums is valuable in discovering the best Gundam model kits. These forums serve as dynamic hubs where Gundam enthusiasts share experiences, insights, and recommendations. Engaging with these communities provides a firsthand look at the kits others have built and their impressions.

With that in mind, explore forums like Reddit’s r/Gunpla or dedicated Gundam model kit communities. Read discussions, ask questions, and seek advice from experienced builders. 

Forums often feature reviews, build logs, and even tips for improving certain kits. Utilize these resources to understand various models, their assembly processes, and the satisfaction levels of fellow modelers.

4. Establish a Budget

Before diving into the world of Gundam model kits, it’s prudent to establish a budget. Determine how much you’re comfortable spending on the kits and any necessary tools or accessories. Gundam model kits vary in price based on grade, size, and additional features.

While budget-friendly High Grade (HG) kits are great for beginners, more detailed Master Grade (MG) or Perfect Grade (PG) kits might be pricier. If you plan on customizing your models, factor in the costs of paints, markers, and other embellishments. Remember, setting a budget not only helps manage expenses but also guides your choices. 

5. Choose Your Scale

Selecting the right scale is crucial in finding the best Gundam model kit for your preferences. Gundam model kits come in various scales, representing the size of the mobile suit of the original design. The three common scales are:

1/144 Scale

Smaller in size, these kits are more compact and budget-friendly. They are ideal for beginners or those with limited display space. Despite their size, they often feature impressive detail.

1/100 Scale

Offering a mid-sized option, 1/100 scale kits balance detail and displayability. They are popular among beginners and experienced modelers, offering a diverse range of mobile suits.

1/60 Scale

The largest of the commonly available scales, 1/60 scale kits are known for their impressive size and intricate details. These kits are often seen as masterpieces and are suitable for collectors who appreciate larger displays.

6. Consider Design Aesthetics

When exploring Gundam model kits, pay close attention to design aesthetics. Each mobile suit boasts a unique appearance, and certain designs may resonate more with your preferences. Whether it’s the classic RX-78-2 from the original series or the sleek designs of the Gundam Wing series, identify the themes that captivate you.

Aside from that, consider the visual appeal of the mobile suit. Some kits may feature intricate details, dynamic poses, or special color schemes. Assessing the design aesthetics ensures that the final model aligns with your artistic preferences.

7. Check for Additional Features

When exploring Gundam model kits, go beyond the basic components and check for additional features to enhance your modeling experience. These features often add value to the kit and contribute to the overall appeal of the finished model.

Articulation and Possibility

Some model kits have advanced articulation, allowing you to pose the Gundam in dynamic and lifelike ways. Check for movable joints and the range of motion to add an interactive element to your display.

Accessories and Weapons

Many kits include additional accessories and weapons, allowing you to customize your Gundam. Consider kits with extra parts, such as different weapons or interchangeable hands, to create a more dynamic and personalized display.

Special Editions

Explore if special editions or versions of the kit may include exclusive features or additional detailing. Limited releases often come with unique components that stand out from standard models.

8. Brand Reputation

Different manufacturers produce these kits, and the brand’s reputation can provide insights into the overall quality and attention to detail. Look for kits from well-known and reputable Gundam model kit community brands. Brands like Bandai, Tamiya, and Kotobukiya are recognized for producing high-quality and authentic Gundam models.

Build the Best Gundam Model of Your Dreams!

Whether you’re a seasoned modeler or a beginner, these tips empower you to build not just models but pieces of art that resonate with your unique taste. As you assemble, customize, and display your Gundam creations, let the journey be as fulfilling as the final masterpiece. 

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