5 Things You Didn’t Know About Moving To New York

Moving requires a lot of planning and effort especially when it is to New York. Because New York is the city of dreams, thousands of people flock to NYC to fulfill their hopes and aims.

Having said that, NYC is also a place with a lot of traffic and population. The Boston to New York movers are constantly in high demand making it difficult for clients to get their desired slots.

With proper planning, one can get the slot. However, even that is difficult sometimes. Apart from the stress of moving there are several things associated especially with New York that you should know before you move.

Things are Extravagantly Expensive

NewYork unlike the movies, has several problems attached to it. One of them is overpriced things. A café latte might cost you around 5-7 dollars in NYC whereas the same in Boston would be 3 to 4 dollars.

The prices might vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, however things are usually 15 to 20% higher than what you find in other cities.

One big reason behind the high prices is the heavy taxing. In NYC, you pay state tax, federal tax, local income tax, sales tax and sales and use tax.

Broker’s Fee

If you already found a place to move in NYC then you probably know that you might have to pay a broker’s fee while finding a suitable apartment. It can be a percentage or the whole rent depending on the neighbourhood.

Usually it is 15% of the annual rent. Make sure you read the lease contract carefully before you sign. Sometimes the landlord pays the broker’s fee but it would be included in the contract.

Little-to-No Parking Space

Parking is a high issue in NYC. If you have a car and you want to bring it to NYC, make sure you have inquired about parking space and price for that spot.

Also, the movers often have problem with parking because they are usually full in front of the building. You might have to pay the movers extra for walking in between the parking space and the building entrance.

Make sure you know about that and ask your moving company before. This would help you avoid extra hidden costs.

Narrow Corridors

Because of lack of building spaces, and housing areas, contractors are now developing apartments with extremely narrow corridors to save space.

That might not be a problem when you are walking towards your apartment, however, when the movers are carrying your furniture, things might not fit.

The moving company usually asks for the exact width of the corridors to be sure the moving goes smoothly. Make sure you provide them with the correct measurement.

Also, most skyscrapers have lifts so that won’t be an issue but if you are moving into a skyscraper, and there is no lift, you might want to let the movers know.

Best is Near The Subway

Reaching your office or movies will take longer because you don’t know the roads and the traffic can be terrifying. If you haven’t yet chosen a place, make sure you rent something near the subway.

Using public transportation is the best way to solve your transportation issue. Using a car is unnecessary because you will definitely get stuck in traffic and the fuel costs are expensive here.


In conclusion, we can say that New Yorkers are nice and humble if you know their way of living. One complaint people often have is that everybody is in a rush.

That is true. Be wise if traffic and heavily congested Subways, you might not reach your office in time. Also, the housing space is usually small, therefore get ready to have a storage unit and keep all the big and non-important things there.

You can get one from your moving company too. Learn to embrace the wealth you see around and also the poverty because you will see both. Big cities tend to have extremes. Also, it would be noisier throughout the day and night and don’t think of using your car. You will end up spending more and get nowhere.

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