23+ Tesco Statistics, Facts & Trends

For the past 10 years, Tesco has retained the largest share of the UK’s supermarkets.

If you want to know how Tesco has managed to reign supreme, plus other Tesco statistics and other Tesco facts, then check out Tesco Statistics!

5 Key Tesco Statistics & Facts In 2022

According to market studies, Tesco’s total store numbers are increasing. More stores are opening up, and new store openings are increasing – in both the UK and the rest of the world. This is reflected in sales performance as well, which have both improved and declined.

Tesco traces back its beginnings in 1891 when Tesco founder, Thomas William Beattie, opened a tea and confectionery store in Liverpool, England.

The History Of Tesco 

The Tesco supermarket chain grew from a market stall in Hackney into the world’s leading grocery retailer.

1. Tesco First Made A Profit Of £1

When Tesco was founded in 1919, it was nothing more than a stall in the East End of London selling war surplus groceries. And on his first day of trading, founder Jack Cohen made a profit of £1.

Cohen opened his first shop with the intention of making his parents proud of his education. But after two years, he realised his success and increased his revenue from £1.3 million to £17.1 million.

2. Where Tesco Got Its Name

T. E. Stockwell & Co. was founded in the London Borough of Camden, founded in 1850 and was a wholesale and retail ironmonger. Their head office was in Longton Road, Camden.

Cohen’s tea business is now part of the Tesco group and is one of the leading tea merchants in the UK.

3. By 1939, Tesco Had Over 100 Shops 

The Tesco superstore was the first of its kind to be built in the UK, and it was the first of a series of self-service superstores. The first Tesco department store opened in 1972.

It has been a very fast growing company since its inception with organic growth being the main force behind its explosive growth.

4. Tesco Was Listed On The London Stock Exchange Almost 30 Years After Its Founding

Tesco is a British owned retail chain. It started as a small market stall in 1909, but it transformed to become a major player in the retail sector in the 1990s. In fact, Tesco was even listed on the London Stock Exchange until 1947.

Tesco Market Share And Popularity Statistics

Tesco is so powerful that people use the term “Tesco Town” to describe a place where they can get almost anything they need from a Tesco store.

5. Tesco Towns 

(Liverpool City Centre) has two times more Tesco shops than the next area of Merseyside, or the next Liverpool city centre.

These are smaller towns and villages that are in the most sparsely populated areas of the UK. The Tesco Towns aren’t even on the most popular travel routes. In fact, they are often not even on the most direct routes. Tesco has more than 50% of the market and they tend to dominate the supply chain on these smaller towns.

6. The Different Types Of Tesco 

Tesco’s have a variety of stores, including the largest Tesco Extra stores, Tesco Superstores, Tesco Metros, Tesco Express, and unbranded One Stop shops.

All of us sell our products in our stores, but also stock more. We also sell a lot of homeware, alcohol and more!

7. Convenience Rules

Tesco Extra shops provide convenience for the public and are doing well at retailing food.

Tesco was criticised for the lack of food on the shelves in its smaller Tesco Extra shops, which led to the loss of some jobs.

This was in fact in line with the general retail sector’s 7.9% growth. The growth was driven by more people buying groceries online and in the stores.

8. Tesco’s Online Operations Grew By 48% In 2020

Tesco is now operating its online store from home and has adapted its checkout process to help customers understand that the coronavirus crisis has changed their shopping habits and shopping preferences.

As restrictions were enforced in the UK, online shopping became a lifeline for the most vulnerable people in lockdown. Resultantly, this brought about huge spikes in online sales of goods.

9. One Pound In Every Seven Spent In The UK Went To Tesco

Around the year 2011 it was estimated that one pound in even seven spent in the UK was either spent in a Tesco shop or on the Tesco website.

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They have lost ground, for example, to discount retailers like Lidl and Aldi.

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Lidl is a German discount store chain that sells groceries at low prices.

Tesco Logistic Statistics

Tesco also ensures the smooth running of its operations through logistical planning.

10. An Impressive Fleet

The Tesco’s UK fleet is one of the most efficient and well-oiled machines in the history of transportation.

Tesco is in the process of transporting its goods to its stores countrywide. It is able to do this because it has up to seven trucks that are running all around the clock. Tesco has one truck for each store.

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11. An Environmentally-Friendly Network

Tesco UK have unveiled plans to move into e-mobility with electric vans by 2028. The announcement builds on the success of the trial, which showed that a fleet of 20 vans could reduce the company’s fuel bill by 30 per cent.

It decided to start the rollout of electric charging points, where customers with electric vehicles can recharge their car battery.

12. Rapid Expansion 

Tesco started hiring new drivers that they used to send their own deliveries.

To help the company achieve its goals, most of these employees were assigned a delivery route, which often required them to work weekends and late nights.

13. Tesco Does Not Ship Internationally

When Tesco discontinued their international shipping service, they decided to stop selling clothes across the world. Currently, the international clothing orders are just not accepted or shipped.

Tesco’s Worldwide Operations

Tesco has been on the UK high street for over 60 years. It has a presence in different countries across the world. These are the latest facts and figures on which countries have the most Tesco locations and how well they do.

14. There Are Around 3,000 Tesco Stores Outside The UK

Tesco dominates in the UK, but over 3,000 stores are international. And there’s only one British-based supermarket chain, with a global reach.

This is a very popular and well-known ice cream, but it is not only famous in one country. This ice cream is quite popular around the world, and it can be found in 11 other countries including France, Hungary, and Japan.

15. Tesco Didn’t Take Off Everywhere

Tesco attempted to take over the US grocery market in 2006. However, it failed when it failed to make its mark in terms of the market’s dominant supermarkets–Walmart and Target.

Tesco Employment Stats

“Let’s get to the point. My colleague has been in the Tesco food supply for over half a decade. What happened? How do you treat your staff?” He explains that they work hard, are paid well and even though they get frustrated they can’t walk out without permission.

16. Declining Employment 

Tesco has been struggling to cope with the economic downturn, as a result of which the company suffered an 8.92% decrease in sales in the last quarter of 2020.

However, it is also possible that the jobless total will stagnate or even fall further as the majority of the impacted businesses restart their operations.

17. International Employment Figures 

Tesco employees are in over 30 different countries even though the majority of the Tesco’s shops are found in the UK.

This relates to the fact that most overseas stores are larger superstores, while the UK has a significant number of convenience stores that require fewer workers on the shop floor.


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18. How Much Are Tesco Workers Paid? 

The increase in the basic hourly rate to £9.30 per hour was a condition of Tesco entering into a new three-year contract with British workers’ union UNISON. The minimum wage has remained at its 2018 level of £10.50 per hour since then.

In addition to a pay rise, all employees work Sundays and Bank Holidays and also get paid time and a quarter for all of their shifts.

19. Tesco Employee Benefits

Tesco is currently offering free Colleague Clubcards to its workers after three months of employment.

This give them access to a whole range of benefits including 10% off groceries, 20% off insurance and the option to buy Tesco shares through the Buy As You Earn scheme.

Challenges To The Tesco Brand 

Tesco is growing, but there is still competition and the fact that it is not universally loved may cause issues for the brand.

20. How “Every Little Helps” Has Helped

So Tesco came up with a new slogan, “where people feel at home”. The new slogan was to give the impression of a supermarket that was warm, appealing and friendly to shoppers. It was the beginning of the Tesco brand as it is known today.

Tesco was a big, giant company in the UK during the 1990s. They were so big that when they bought out Sainsbury’s they became the market leader.

21. Competition Controversy

It is argued by the UK government that Britain’s economy has to rely on exports to other countries in order for the country to survive.

The brand’s reputation for selling a wide range of affordable products means that public opinion remains largely positive.

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Tesco Emerging Market Statistics

Learn more about how Tesco is expanding its operations by adding more stores and more products.

22. Expanding Online Capacity

Tesco ramped up its capacity for online delivery and the increased demand for home delivery slots meant that they were able to increase the number of slots they offered to 1.3 million.

23. Clubcard Prices

Tesco introduced Clubcard Prices in September, 2020 for rewarding more loyal customers. Thousands of in-store products are discounted exclusively for Clubcard holders so that when they scan their card at the register, the Clubcard price is automatically applied.

With the Clubcard, you can shop at any Tesco store as part of Tesco Clubcard and earn points for every purchase!

The most beneficial benefit of a retailer’s price matching policy is that you can save a lot of money on your purchases. This is why so many people opt for retailers who offer such policies.


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