23 Biggest Kfc Competitors (Your Complete Guide)

KFC has over 25,000 locations in 145 countries. But didn’t you know that there’s a few KFC-like restaurants trying to compete with KFC? Well, there are even some fast food chains that can beat KFC. They are all located in the Middle East.

Let’s start with the KFC competitor with more chicken, less sauce, and a more expensive price tag.

KFC Competitors In 2022

There are many restaurants that compete with KFC which specialize in other foods than fried chicken. Some of those examples of restaurants that are a competitor to KFC are: The Old Spaghetti Factory and Pizzeria Uno. The number of locations that KFC has is 1,250.

1. Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is a fast food franchise founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1967. It has locations in the United States and Canada.

Customers do not like Chick-fil-A mainly because they have high expectations and believe the brand is snobby.

2. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is the world’s biggest restaurant chain, making it one of the most popular fast food restaurants and a KFC competitor.

The biggest poultry customer is KFC, which sells chicken products. It is the second largest customer, second only to McDonalds.

According to the financial reporting of McDonald’s, the restaurant earned its estimated revenue in 2020. The estimate was based on the performance of operations in the first half of 2020.

3. Popeyes

Popeyes is one of the best chicken restaurants in the world, and they feature nuggets, tenders, and also chicken sandwiches.

The restaurant chain is owned by a company called LFP (Louisiana-based food processor) Inc which, in turn, is owned by B.E. & A.G. Capital (a private equity firm based in New York), which held the $1.5 billion investment fund of the company.

4. Wendy’s

Wendy’s serves hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches and chicken tenders. Wendy’s offers a wide variety of products to consumers.

Wendy’s has 29 different countries, including the U.S., with over 6,500 restaurants and has generated over $1.73 billion in 2020.

5. Jack in the Box

While KFC has more than 2,200 places to get chicken, JITB has more than 2,200 locations across the country.

Burger King, which has locations in the United States and abroad, is known for its cheap food, and it’s also known to have very average burgers.

In addition to that, Jack in the Box has an incredibly popular website, social media accounts, and a fast-food restaurant called “Big Bite.” It earned a lot of money in 2020, especially in states like California.

We’re going to use this information in our example problem.

6. Raising Cane’s

Raising Cane’s is a good fast-food restaurant offering pretty good chicken with a competitor to KFC when it comes to chicken.

With that, you can find Roast Beef in 23 different states, but it also has locations in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Kuwait.
– [Student A] Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!

Their business model is a little bit of a paradox. They’re not just franchising, but they are also the first franchise to have their own line of sauces. The company will continue to expand its brands, adding new flavors, and adding new products.

7. Bojangles’ Famous Chicken’ n Biscuits

Bojangles’ opened its first restaurant in 1942, and after the war, they started expanding across the country.

The company also has a loyal customer base that keeps coming back to the store because they like the baked goods and chicken that it makes from scratch!

The report released by Euromonitor International says that, currently, there are 787 locations nationwide, and it last reported systemwide sales of $1.3 billion.

8. Church’s Chicken

Church’s Chicken is a leading competitor to KFC. It has approximately 860 locations throughout the United States and 1,500 locations throughout the world.

Chicken, customer service, and food that’s served hot. In case you’re wondering, I’m a fan of all of those things.

Church’s Chicken is the largest chicken-based fast-food chain in the world and one of the largest fast food restaurants.

9. Burger King

Burger King is a fast-food restaurant that competes with KFC, in the United States and internationally.

The company also offers different chicken sandwiches, nuggets, burgers, fries, snacks, and so many other things!

Burger King is hoping that no one will boycott its food anymore and it will make more than $1.6 billion dollars for 2020.

10. Subway

Because the company has been so successful at selling pizza sandwiches to people for more than 100 years, the chain has managed to stay ahead of other fast-food chains.
However, Subway faces a lot of competition.
They’re not alone because a lot of others are also trying to sell pizza sandwiches.

Chicken might be its main ingredient, but people eat this fast food sandwich for other reasons. For example, the bread is delicious and the chicken tastes good, not to mention the taste of the cheese and the sauce that is spread inside the bread.

With the way people eat out in different countries, you can find Subway in over 100 countries, and domestic sales topped $8.3 billion in 2020.

11. Dunkin’ Donuts

It’s the same as when McDonalds went upscale and started to sell salads and sandwiches and then added more and more healthier options.

The company’s sales have also been affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Dunkin’ Donuts has been closed since March 18. In late March and early April, the company said it was going to close more than 2,000 restaurants in the U.S. and Canada by the end of April, amounting to an estimated 20% reduction in its U.S. sales and a 10% reduction in U.S. traffic.

12. Starbucks

KFC is similar to a McDonald’s in that it serves mostly breakfast items and lunch items; it also serves some dinner and dessert items. It does not serve only coffee, as Starbucks mostly does.

Also, the company is huge worldwide, with a loyal customer base, and has 32,943 locations with revenue in 2020 of $23.5 billion.

13. Pizza Hut

The way it is made is also popular and is called the pizza triangle.

As a result, Pizza Hut is a competitor to KFC in the fast food market because it’s in 110 countries and has 17,600 locations worldwide.

Pizza Hut is the best pizza place and serves lots of pizza, dessert, pasta, and chicken wings.

If you are a fan of chicken wings specifically, Pizza Hut has both bone-in and boneless chicken wings with different sauces.

It is also worth pointing out that the company is the largest pizza chain in Europe, and that they are currently making a return to their original name, which is Pizza Hut.

14. Domino’s

Pizza can be very expensive, but a large pizza only costs $5. You can also get pizza on the cheap at KFC and McDonald’s.

If you want to taste the best item among the items you choose from, then choose from the menu options and try it.

Domino’s pizza is sold in more than 90 countries, and it generates about $4 billion in annual revenue.

15. Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is one of the most famous food places in Canada. It has an extensive menu, including coffee and drinks, as well as breakfast food, sandwiches, sandwiches, and pizza. It’s also a competitor to KFC.
But don’t worry, you can also eat hot dogs!

The company earned more than 5.5 billion dollars last year and is expecting an estimated $5.53 billion in revenue for the year 2030. The company also released earnings of $1.13 a share, but many analysts are saying that this company will have a hard time maintaining their expected revenue this year.

16. Taco Bell

The name “Taco Bell” comes from the Spanish taco, because “Bell” and “Taco” come from the same letters in Spanish.

Taco Bell is pretty popular, not just because of its great food, but because it offers such wide range of choices that everyone can find something that appeals to their palate.

Taco Bell also has more than 6,000 locations throughout 26 countries with $2.03 billion in revenue.

17. Chipotle

While Chipotle is similar to KFC, it is not the same. It is better than KFC in the sense that it offers delicious Mexican cuisine.

The idea of getting whatever you want is something that is not really the norm with many other places of eating. The other great thing about Chipotle is that no matter what you order, you are going to get more than you would normally get in any other restaurant.

The Chipotle brand is expanding in North America. They have about 33 restaurants in Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and Peru.

I think the core problem is that they are not able to get the volume of sales that can allow them to pay a sufficient rate to attract a good staff and allow them to pay their wages.

18. Pizza Express

Pizza Express, is a very popular fast food chain that is very popular in most countries, especially in the United Kingdom.

This restaurant is located in the United Kingdom, and as you can see, is actually a chain with over 100 restaurants around the world.

If you are looking for a quick pizza and a delicious Italian meal, try out the restaurant. If you are looking for a great meal go to the restaurant.

19. Papa John’s Pizza

Papa John’s has been facing problems with its franchisees, who are struggling to maintain a certain level of profitability.

The fact that Papa John’s pizza is cheaper than KFC means that you can buy more pizza than chicken.

In the following year, Papa John’s grew by $818.3 million, with a global market share of 8.26 percent.

20. Red Rooster

It is a fast-food restaurant that is famous for fried chicken, chicken burgers, and roasted chicken. It is located in Australia.

And they are known for quality chicken like the kind you find at places like KFC, most people agree that the chicken at Red Rooster is better.

It is the largest chicken bar in the country
The location. There are over a hundred of them just in Melbourne.

21. Hungry Jack’s

According to Bloomberg Business Week, Hungry Jack’s has some of the best-tasting hamburgers in the world. Some of their signature burgers include the Hot ‘n’ Spicy Burger and the BBQ Beef Burger.

This is not a franchise of Burger King, but there are many interesting and delicious items, along with very tasty desserts. It really has a distinctive menu.

Hungry Jack’s makes a variety of food, from their classic burgers to their Spicy Jack’s Fried Chicken and their Whopper & Beef burger.

22. Mos Burger

They are a chain of Japanese fast food restaurants that began in the 1980s. The burgers are known for their unique flavor.

Mos Burger is the place to go for a great and authentic burger that is much higher quality than what you’d find at a Burger King.

Mos Burger has 1,700 locations across Japan, Oceania, Asia, and the Pacific as well as the United States and Canada.

The Burger is a very well done burger. I haven’t found a burger with more flavor than this one. It’s a perfect medium thickness. It’s a grilled patty, not a fried patty, making it better for me. The sauce has a definite kick to it. It wasn’t too thin, so it didn’t run off the plate.

23. Zaxby’s

Most know Zaxby’s for its delicious sandwiches, wings, and other chicken bites, making it a top competitor to Chick-fil-A.

Then, they decided to dip their chicken wings in Zax Sauce which is another amazing flavor. With that, this chicken wing is delicious and flavorful.
But, let’s see what it is made up from the Zax Sauce!

It was noted on a recent earnings call that sales in the United States have tripled over the past seven years. In 2020, it is projected that they will surpass $1.9 billion.
$5 million is used in the United States for a single site!

KFC is a fast growing fast food chain based in Asia, which is
famous for its fried chicken. As with any fast food chain, it has
faced fierce competition from other fast food chains with better
quality and variety.

They have many branches in different cities and countries, such as
Mexico, Venezuela, Canada, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United
States, etc.


Chick-fil-A is a chicken restaurant that specializes in fast food chicken sandwiches. Popular worldwide, Chick-fil-A has restaurants in more than 1,700 locations.

Additionally, these chicken restaurants are known for high quality chicken and reasonable prices with healthier options available to customers, including chicken.

Some restaurants including those from the burger brand Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Mos Burger, Hungry Jack’s and Jack in the Box compete with KFC.

The company has also failed to see a meaningful increase in profits over the last few years.
It is difficult to say how the company will fare this year, but the odds are against it.

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