Tips to Boost Your Internet Speed

Are you working from home or the office? 

Are you Binge-watching Netflix and the seasons of your favorite series or playing games? Or is it something completely different and you are working? 

Whatever it is and regardless of the place you are working from, it is essential to have the internet at a good speed. 

You might have already subscribed to a good internet service provider like spectrum internet but facing problems with the internet speed can be an issue anyone can face. 

Strong internet is a must-have to work seamlessly without any trouble or facing the failure to connect to the internet. 

So, if you do come across a problem with regards to internet speed, what do you do in a situation like this?

You start by looking at the possible solutions to the problem to help you with a situation like this. 

In this article, we will be covering some effective ways to help you with this simple issue that might be causing a hindrance to your internet experience. 

Check the speed of your internet 

Well, for starters, the first thing to do is check the speed of your internet. 

You need to be sure that your internet connection is working slowly and the best thing to do is by checking the speed. This way you would know the speed of the internet and if it is low or not. Normally good internet speed is considered to be up to 10 Mbps. Below that means that you are facing an internet issue. 

But it is not that simple, it also depends on the task you might be using it for.  

If it’s generally surfing the internet, 10 Mbps is a good enough speed but if you are going to be using a streaming service or web development tasks, you would need some high-speed internet to support it. 

Try moving your modem

This is a simple yet important solution to the problem you are facing. Is your modem placed inside a cupboard or placed at a very closed-off location?

If so, then you need to move it because it could be one of the reasons why you are facing a slow internet speed. 

Physically moving the modem can significantly affect the speed of your internet. However, there is no defined space to place an internet modem, and it varies from place to place, you mustn’t keep it hidden behind a cupboard or shelves. 

It is placed in a prominent space where it can be seen and it can easily provide you with a good internet speed. 

  • Remove extra devices

At times, the reason why we have a slow internet connection is because of the countless internet devices that are connected to it that are hogging your internet speed. 

Go to the settings of your internet device and simply change the password. Changing the password will disconnect all the extra devices and remove them from using up the internet speed. 

It won’t be divided anymore and you are free to enjoy the seamless and smooth internet connectivity on your device. 

  • Turning Modem Off and On Again

Turn your modem off for one minute before turning it back on. 

It’s known as power cycling, and it may often wipe out dozens of new issues that slow you down. It is just like quick cleaning. 

You can even change your modem with a new password if you’re feeling adventurous, as this will typically update your setting at the endpoint of your ISP and reconnect you.

At least once a month, it is recommended to turn your modem off and on. 

If you’re still having trouble with your internet speed, consider resetting your modem once a day or after a few weeks and see how it affects the speed. 

  • Use a quick VPN.

A lot of individuals use a VPN provider to safeguard their privacy, keep their information safe, and get around censorship, so they don’t get into a lot of trouble. 

But, it so happens that a lot of VPN services will slow down your internet connection.

That’s is one of the reasons why you need to opt for a VPN that has the capacity and the infrastructure to enable speedier connections.

You can find a lot of recommendations as per your area when it comes to looking for the best VPNs. 

  • Contact your Internet Service Provider

If you’ve tried everything and are still having issues, notify your internet service. 

They might want to dispatch a service technician who could have a look at the modem. The professionals might even be able to recognize an issue that is preventing you from obtaining speedy Wi-Fi. 

You might also not be interested in welcoming strangers in your home due to the continuing pandemic, and the internet service provider may not even have personnel ready to send. 

Nevertheless, if none of the other suggestions works, it’s time to contact your provider and ask a few questions.

Do a quick examination of your system

Before we head on to any conclusion, is your internet-only working slow on a particular device or all devices? If it’s just one device, you might want to have a quick look at it and see the problem. 

Use a tracking tool to see what programs are running in the background. 

Some programs may auto-update when they don’t need to be and this can contribute to slow internet connection. 

For instance, if they’re updating in the background, they may be the source of your slow internet. Check it in detail and take the actions required. 

Final Words

No problem cannot be solved. However, there are a few ways that can be adopted to solve the issues you might be facing. 

If you are also facing problems with your internet connection, you can try all the possible solutions and we are sure it will work for you. 

If not, then you can go ahead and change the service altogether. So, start looking at other services. 

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