The Impact of Broken Links On The SEO Performance of Your Business

It is important to be aware of broken backlinks as they can have a negative impact on the SEO performance of your business. To avoid any potential issues, it is crucial to recognize these warning signs in a timely manner.

Broken links are links that no longer work and instead direct the user to an error page indicating that the page is not found. This happens when either the page is removed or there is an error in the link, making them ineffective as clickable connections.

If a link is broken, notifications such as “the link you clicked may not be working or the page may have been removed” appear. These messages are called 404 error messages, which can cause frustration and frustration.

What impact can broken links have on your SEO performance?

The main factors impacted by this issue include user experience, authority, revenue, and Google ranking.

User Experience

When users visit your site, they expect to find what they need. If they see a page that leads to nowhere, they will likely leave and turn to your competitors for more satisfying results.

Here’s how broken links affect the user experience. They lead to disappointment and frustration, as well as decreased trust in the business.

Authority And Revenue

The potential customers who visit your website are the ones who determine your income. Therefore, how well your traffic engages with your site directly impacts their likelihood of becoming customers. If users have difficulty navigating your website, it greatly reduces the chances of them converting into paying customers.

In the context of SEO, broken links have a negative impact, increasing your bounce rate and decreasing trust in your business. Ultimately, this combination leads to a decrease in revenue.

Google Rankings

If users are having a negative experience navigating through your website, the same goes for Google’s crawlers. Google uses these crawlers to examine and assess websites for ranking purposes. The more difficult it is for Google to understand your site, the more detrimental it will be to your rankings. Therefore, it is important to remove broken links from Google to protect your ranking.

How to find and fix broken links?

Hyperlinks function as a navigation tool on your website, facilitating connections between different pages. To identify broken links, you need to navigate the site just like a regular user would. However, as a website owner, it is not always convenient to quickly check broken links. Typically, this task requires a systematic approach and the use of web tools. 

Do you have knowledge about SEO tools? Another effective method to detect broken backlinks is to use the Best broken link checkers. By checking broken links in detail, you can locate the orphaned links and then review the accompanying pages to determine whether they are broken or functioning properly.

Internal Broken Links

Repairing broken links within your own website is not a difficult task. As you have full control over these links, you have the ability to make necessary changes or delete them altogether. The following four steps will outline the process of resolving internal broken links.

Update The Content On The Page

All pages on your website do not have the same impact on your SEO performance. While some pages have significant amounts of content and links, it is crucial to prioritize the repair of these important pages if they are broken. By fixing these broken pages, you ensure the continuity of your internal links and prevent competitors from taking advantage of them for broken link building purposes.


The importance of content and links is widely recognized. If a page with valuable content is broken by a faulty link, it can have a negative impact on its rankings. In such instances, it is recommended to use a redirect rather than completely losing the page.

This approach is more desirable when a broken page has important links that should not be lost. Essentially, you can redirect visitors to the relevant page using 301 redirects. By doing so, you effectively resolve the problem of the broken link without sacrificing other links on the page.

Delete the link

In some cases, the pages that are damaged may be very old and have not made a significant impact on overall performance. When this happens, if the page lacks substantial content and links, it is not worthwhile to update it. Therefore, the best solution is to delete the link entirely, thereby resolving the problem completely.

External Broken Links

Repairing external links is more challenging than fixing internal links. Unlike internal links, you have limited control over external links, making the task more difficult. Moreover, it is harder to identify these links as they refer to pages that have been removed from your website.


Sometimes the Internet does not live up to the idealized image of a flawless resource that instantly satisfies all our needs. The presence of broken links serves as a reminder of this reality.

To summarize, if you have a website, it is important to be aware of broken links as they can negatively impact certain aspects. These links lead users and search engines to an error page, causing confusion. They can have a significant impact on a website’s user experience, authority, revenue generation, and Google ranking.

Repairing broken links can vary in complexity depending on their type. If the broken link is internal, it’s easier to fix because you have full control over it. However, external broken links require more effort because you don’t have enough authority over them. Therefore, you need to contact other websites to fix them or start searching for a new valid link.

Either way, it’s crucial to eliminate broken links as they can be a nuisance and detrimental to the success of your SEO efforts. Thus, it is important to either avoid them altogether or promptly fix any broken links that may arise.

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