Does Tractor Supply Sell Antibiotics For Dogs? (all You Need To Know)

You’ve been relying on Tractor Supply for all your pet food and supplies needs, from food and toys to grooming stations.

The most obvious answer to the question of where Tractor Supply carries antibiotics for dogs is to their online store. However, they don’t actually sell any antibiotics, because they are not registered to do that by the U.S. FDA.

Does Tractor Supply Sell Antibiotics for Dogs In 2022?

Tractor Supply will start selling antibiotics for dogs in 2022. The only way to buy an antibiotic for dogs is by getting a prescription from a vet. Customers will have to fill out vet and prescription information at checkout, and this is verified before the order is shipped. Some over-the-counter antibiotics like topical ointments are sold in stores and without prescriptions.

To learn more about buying pet food at Tractor Supply, keep reading! You’ll find all you need to know here.

Can I Get Antibiotics for My Dog at Tractor Supply?

The country has a strong rural community and a very big pet population. So, we have a special Pet Pharmacy section in the store where we sell pet formulas, flea and tick drugs, and other pet-related items.

If you want antibiotics for your dog, you can find them at Tractor Supply. These include antibiotics for infections, inflammation, bronchitis, dermatitis, and many other conditions.

You can buy most antibiotics sold at Tractor Supply without a prescription from a licensed veterinarian.

When you buy an antibiotic for your dog online at Tractor Supply, you will have to enter your vet and prescription information at checkout.

This is just a verification check. We do not verify the medication is actually available or in stock, just see if it is.

Antibiotics for dogs are available in the form of tablets, injections, capsules, oral drops, powder and suspension.

The company also sells by mail and the delivery is tracked. You can set up automatic recurring orders if necessary. Subscriptions get a discount of 5% on each order.

Remember that you cannot purchase prescription products online in a store, unless you buy them in a grocery store.

Tractorsupply doesn’t have any shipping options. Delivery to my house is impossible because of the long, dangerous climb up the mountain.

Does Tractor Supply Sell Antibiotics for Dogs Without a Prescription?

Antibiotics for dogs are made to treat infections in dogs. It takes just a few days for your dog to absorb the antibiotic through the skin if you apply the medication on the pad or the side of your dog’s neck.

However, if you do not have a vet’s prescription, you must get one from your veterinarian.

This is to ensure that your pet’s health is not being missed and that any complications are identified and properly treated.

You can also call the veterinary hospital’s emergency hotline at (877) 785-7373, Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST.

– Our Adoptions and Donations page is a great way to find an organization or animal who is in need of a forever home.

Can You Buy Antibiotics for Dogs Over the Counter?

This may be confusing to a visitor.
Some antibiotics can be bought over the counter.
You might think that a veterinarian would need to write a prescription for a pet.
But, most antibiotics are available without a prescription from a veterinarian.

For more serious issues, such as a fever, the doctor will prescribe an antibiotic, which usually will be available only at a doctor’s office.

Although antibiotics are very strong medicines, they come with some risks of bad effects, and should only be used in extreme situations.

Because it is hard to tell if the medicine your dog is getting is the correct medicine and whether it is harmful for your pet.

Antibiotics aren’t usually used to treat pets. Instead, a vet examines the reasons why the pet has a particular symptom, and prescribes the best treatment.

This is why the use of human medications is discouraged when treating dogs and other animals.

In addition, some antibiotics like ciprofloxacin, amoxicillin and tetracycline are available without a prescription to treat bacterial diseases in fish.

Although I doubt if they would be much of a concern for a dog that can’t see in the first place.

Does Tractor Supply Sell Antibiotics for Dogs with Allergies?

Tractor Supply also sells antibiotics for dogs for allergies. They include topical ointments, creams and sprays, as well as oral medications like tablets and capsules.

The important thing to understand about antibiotics is that the name of the medicine indicates that it treats infectious diseases.

You can return any purchase to any Tractor Supply store or online within 30 days of the purchase date for your choice of a refund or store credit (you may have to pay the shipping charge but we’ll cover it).


You cannot buy any antibiotic without a prescription. Only some over the counter medications are sold in some stores online and can be bought online without a prescription.

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