Does Home Depot Have Night Shifts? (Positions, Types, Pay, Hours + More)

If you are interested in the merchandising and warehouse positions at Home Depot, we can assure you they are available during the night shift.

Home Depot offers thousands of night shift and day shift positions with different shifts, but this guide will focus on Home Depot Night Shift.

Does Home Depot Have Night Shifts In 2022?

To find out how to earn a great hourly wage at Home Depot and the requirements, apply below for a job!

What Positions Are Available for the Night Shift at Home Depot?

When you can’t get the truck to show up, or if there’s no one to work the truck when it does, you turn to the overnight team.

They are the unsung heroes of the retail world.

The overnight team is more than just a delivery service – they are a part of the core of the home depot and it’s their mission to provide a positive, welcoming environment.

While working the night shift, these associates receive products, organize aisles, make sure stores are fully stocked for customers, and work on the computer-aided inventory management.

I have received a list of outstanding invoices from yesterday’s shipment. I will be working on the payments for today’s shipment. I will forward this list to you via email once I receive it from your office.

I was very happy to read that some people from my old job are coming back to work for this new company.

While working freight associates unload trucks aided by conveyors, manual pallet jacks, forklifts, and other heavy equipment.
– In an office environment, a freight associate may work on a desk or a stool as necessary to move stacks of boxes and other freight.
– In an office environment, a freight associate may work on a desk or a stool as needed to move stacks of boxes and other freight.

When trucks arrive to your facility, freight associates take action to unload them and place items on shelves or storage. As well, your associates will provide customer service by fulfilling customer requests and answering any questions.

While there is often no work to be done during business hours, there are a few things like taking inventory, stocking shelves, and cleaning aisles are done overnight.

All of our associates are required to sell retail products, as it is a requirement of the position.

Normally, night merchandising associates (NAs) will spend most of their time on one specific project. They are responsible for introducing new items and completing category resets.

In addition, they also spend 20% (more) of their time getting the display material in good shape for the next event.

Night MEA’s must have reliable transportation because they may be assigned to a traveling team that services multiple stores within a 30 miles radius.

How Much Does Home Depot Pay for Night Shift Jobs?

I was told that Home Depot only pays its employees a competitive salary when they are working on the night shift.

There are some Home Depot stores where the average salary of a night shift associate is higher than $12 per hour, and other stores where it is lower.

According to Glassdoor, the pay may vary from $10 to $17 per hour. This is based on 30 reviews from past employees.

On average the Home Depot Merchandiser positions pay $17 dollars an hour.

You can earn a competitive hourly wage at Home Depot. Depending on your experience, wages can range between $12 and $40 per hour.

Home Depot offers excellent benefits for employees who have children. It also provides benefits for employees who recently had a baby.

What Are Typical Night Shift Hours at Home Depot?

According to Home Depot payroll data, people work a regular full-time schedule of 40 hours a week at Home Depot.

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Typically the night shift is considered the closing shift and overnight so workers on the night shift may be scheduled between 2 pm – 7 am.

How Can Job Seekers Apply to Night Shift Positions at Home Depot?

If you are interested in future night shift opportunities at Home Depot, it is best to sign up for job alerts and follow the social media profiles.

If you are interested in the latest news about the company, then you can get it from them.

Make sure you check Home Depot’s social media sites often. You never know what kind of opportunities you may not notice at first.

Create a Talent Profile that includes job history, education and current company information. It also enables you to create job alerts to track potential hires.

Visit and click on “Sign up for job alerts” in the “Stay Connected” section to sign up for overnight job alerts.

When the pop-up appears applicants must select the “Login” option or create a new talent account.

Email address

We may need to verify your email address or password from your application.

Applicants can use their Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn account information to help them complete their application.

You can also manage your job alerts from the My Account page. Click on “Manage Preferences” if you already have a TalentVault account.

Once the applicant is in the job section of the application, he or she can update personal information, dates of availability, and job duties and responsibilities.

For example, an email newsletter will automatically be sent to you on a weekly basis if you select this option.

On the Internet you can find jobs that require you to work overnight.

Once the job seeker is ready to apply for a job, they should open the Home Depot Care website.

To find overnight jobs you can type in a keyword you’re more interested in and it’ll display jobs with that keyword. For example; if you’re looking for overnight jobs in “Sell,” you would type “sell” in the search bar.
Another thing you can do is click on the different locations around the country for different locations to see different job listings.

If there are any openings near your location, you can see them on the map, as well as in list form.

On the Maps tab, you can select a live result from the map locations or click on an opening from the list to pull up the job description.

Besides the job description, applicants can find more information about the location and benefits of working for a specific company on the employer profile page.

There is also a video of a day working in the position which shows exactly how each day will look like.

Apply for Overnight Jobs Here
Apply for the latest Overnight Job Openings at SBI.

After reviewing the information above, click (“Apply”) to access the online job application.

First, the applicants need to open an account. For their security, they require their email address, their password and a security question.

The application can take anywhere from 8 to 10 minutes to complete.

The minimum requirements are: A minimum of at least a bachelor’s degree.

1. Not full-time employees (e.g. those who are salaried).
2. Not employed by an employer.
3. Work in retail or hospitality.

After filling out the necessary information, you can either import your resume/cv, or enter your contact information along with your work history.

If you are looking for a job at a company, you need to provide a list of any licenses you hold and what they are. After this is completed, you will need to list any relevant certifications you hold.

If you can’t complete the application in one sitting, you may have to wait 30 days to get your card.

A new application cannot be created unless the old one has been fully processed.

If you’re looking for other great Home Depot job descriptions, you can take a look at our Home Depot associate and other jobs and Home Depot job offers.


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