Can You Get Free Pallets From Walmart? (full Guide)

Many craftspeople have started looking for free pallets to use on DIY missions or construction projects.

 It turns out that the Walmart loading docks don’t actually give the pallets away, but they are more than happy to sell them to you for a fee. In order to make sure you get free wooden pallets, you have to do your homework.

Can You Get Free Pallets From Walmart In 2022?

Fortunately, one of the major home improvement stores offers free wooden pallets. These wooden pallets can be useful for home projects like hanging curtains, curtains, and shelves. The pallets can also be useful as a tool for DIY projects.

Read about pallets from Walmart and find other locations you can buy pallets at.

Where Can I Find Free Pallets?

Walmart does not give free pallets to the public, they are reused or recycled by the company.

A pallet is the base or bottom element of a palletized unit of goods that will be loaded or packaged on a truck, trailer, or other means. Pallets are of many varieties and sizes, and they typically have standardized dimensions. Pallets may be made of wood, plastic, metal, or other materials.

How Much are Pallets at Walmart?

A pallet is a flat packing material used for shipping and storage. A pack consists of several pallets. One pallet will pack 24.4 L of air and 2.56 L of water. It takes about 1.6 L of air to lift one tonne, so this is a weight saving of about 6.8%.

Those looking for more advanced pallets should head to Walmart and check out the Partners Brand 24 X 24.

In the USA, companies use heavy duty aluminium pallets to transport goods between warehouses. Pallets made of plastic are more common in Europe.

There’s no cost to collect your own boxes or select pallets. However, if you purchase pallets you’ll pay additional fees and if you choose not to purchase, you’ll have to ship them yourself.

Why Should I Purchase Pallets from Walmart?

Pallets are made from sustainable and natural wood.
Purchasing clean and healthy pallets eliminates health risks.

Free pallets provide a breeding ground for bacteria and could be contaminated with toxic substances.

If you buy products from Walmart there is no guarantee they are not contaminated. However when you buy free pallets you increase your chances of exposure to harmful elements you may not have been exposed to in the past.

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Yes, Walmart offers free pallets. They are often offered when purchasing pallets in store or online. The pallet must be in good condition, which means no damage or dents or any other damage. You are welcome to purchase Walmart owned or branded pallets in store or online. Walmart offers singular pallets or multi-packs priced between $4 and $142. Pallets special for construction and crafts can be sold separately.

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