A detailed thought on the different types of cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrency is the latest craze among digital currency investors. The popularity of cryptocurrency is soaring high and that’s because of its hassle-free attributes. Among the various features the most crucial one is that it’s easily transferable. One need not wait for days rather you can receive or send money in the wink of an eye. Besides that decentralization of cryptocurrency is something that makes Meta Profit. it stand out from the rest. Have a look at some enlisted in low down points 

Payment currencies 

Payment currency as the name says is basically for making payments. Undoubtedly digital currencies are always used for clearing payments. But its popularity depends on its acceptance among traders. In that respect, you can Always mention payment currencies because It’s good for paying the bills, for services and goods, etc. Remember that 3 types of payment currencies such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and bitcoin will always share the larger part. 

Understanding blockchain economy 

The blockchain economy uses blockchain technology for clearing payments. You can also call it a blockchain platform as well. Honestly, it is more than just simply making payments. With the help of this, you can have your digital property in the form of decentralized applications, tokens. Other than that there are some other blockchain economies listed like ethereal classic, Tron, NEO, EOS. 

Privacy coins 

Virtual assets that majorly focus on privacy are none other than privacy coins. Here the transactions stay secured between the receiver and the sender. Precisely they only know the number of coins transacted so far. Also the owner who has the authority of the wallet will have the details of the address in regards to the privacy coins. Of course, this process is completely different from the bitcoin where the address of the wallet and each of the transactions are shown in detail. 

Some of the assets are like Miners. PIVX, MXR, ZEC are the chosen privacy coins. 

All about the utility tokens 

A utility token is a type of virtual token that works on a particular service or product that works in compliance with blockchain technology. Like you can take ERC20 the principle is the same as that of Ethereum Blockchain. Some other types of underlined tokens are TRC20 and TRC10. You can also consider Golem as one of the well known utility token. It is a platform where the inventors have to pay the GNT to hire the power for computing. 

Besides GNT the other notable examples are Basic Attention Token, ZRX, civic. 


Investors always prefer this kind of coin. In the case of Other types of digital assets the variation in values are high. While the stablecoins always bear a stagnant price. In order to avoid any kind of financial hamper an investor can sell of the stable coin immediately in case if he observes that the value of particular asset will take a downturn. To keep up the stability in price various stablecoins adopt different procedures. Some of the known stablecoins are like USD coins, Gemini, PAXOS, Tether etc. 


With the help of cryptography professionals, researchers and engineers came up with a new type of cryptocurrency called Cardano.Charles Hoskinson one of the honoured member of the Ethereum group propounded the idea of Cardano.  Lots of effort and experiments have been conducted to build up the whole idea Cardano. On top of that the whole concept was developed based on blockchain technology only. 

It’s because of the research work that made Cardano an exclusive notion compared to the rest of the cryptocurrency. Cardano brought the DeFi items to the world. Like ethereum it will offer complete solution detect any fraud in voters I’d, trace any legal agreement. As per the data extracted in March 2022, Cardano occupies the eight position in the market of cryptocurrency. 


One of the most talked about cryptocurrency in the countdown is the polka dot. It is engineered to allow both permisionless and permissioned blockchains. It does allow both oracle and blockchain to work hand in hand. 

Final say 

These are the different types of cryptocurrency that go through them before you take digital assets seriously. If you really want to start trading make sure you explore the app Bitcoin Era. 

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