What Is Grubhub Plus? (how It Works, Benefits + Other Faqs)

Deliveroo is a service that allows people to order food, get it delivered to them, or be asked to pick something up.

If you’ve heard of Grubhub and need more info, read on and get the lowdown on their Plus service for $19.99 a month!

What Is Grubhub Plus In 2022?

Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about ordering through Grubhub Plus, including what types of fees it gets rid of and more!!

How Does Grubhub Plus Work?

Just like the Grubhub Plus, Grubhub Express brings unlimited delivery for free if you order a qualifying amount from a menu of restaurants that are part of the Express network.

When you purchase the recurring membership you’ll get access to this benefit and other perks like “Elite Care”‘ and early access to some features.

However, it should be noted that the service does not cover all of its fees. In regards to the delivery charge, it will be charged during the delivery even if the item is free delivery. Therefore, if you have a delivery fee, you should not order through this website.

How Much Does Grubhub Plus Cost?

If you’re not sure, you can try out the service for free for 60 days and if you want to keep it you’ll have to pay $9.99 per month.

If you do not cancel your subscription before the end of your trial period, Grubhub will still charge you the regular fee. For all other subscription renewals and non-trial periods, you will be charged the regular fee.

You can use Grubhub Plus for free with Instacart Express as long as you stay with the service for a trial period of 12 months.

Does Grubhub Plus Get Rid of Service Fees?

Grubhub Plus does not get rid of service fees to get a lower price.

The only costs removed when signing up for Grubhub Plus are delivery fees, but only for orders over $12 and for orders from participating restaurants.

I know that for some people it may seem a little confusing when it says “We will charge you on the same credit card” but there is a reason for that. We are not changing the way the account is billed and we are not charging you twice.

A lawsuit was filed against GrubHub when the attorney general of Washington DC filed a lawsuit to prove that the food delivery service is misleading people when providing reviews.

It updated the wording so that it is clearer that you are only getting rid of delivery fees, not the subscription itself.

What Are Grubhub Plus Benefits?

Â$? All orders, including delivery, are handled by Grubhub.

They removed the 10% cash back benefit from the Grubhub Plus and for some reason people thought this was odd and they thought the reason why was because there are other services that offer cash back that are larger and have more people.

During the 30 days offer period, you’ll be able to join the beta program and receive an invite to the live service. In the beta, you’ll have the freedom to change the name of your account and choose your own price.

Is Grubhub Plus Worth It?

You can sign up for Grubhub Plus to use its delivery service when you are not having a meal at one of its partner restaurants. Your cost per delivery is based on the time of delivery and the number of people in your area who can accept your delivery.

This free trial is limited to orders above $12, so the service is worth it for people who place many orders above this amount.

If you want to order a lot of food through Grubhub, then Grubhub Plus most likely will not be worth the extra money.

If your restaurant delivery places offer free delivery or have it included in the price, then Grubhub Plus is probably worth it.

For those constant Grubhub users, they would find that Grubhub Plus would make up for the inconvenience of having to navigate through the main site to find the Grubhub Plus section.

You can get these freebies from participating restaurants at the restaurants only. They are not part of any national program.

Grubhub has a 50 mile radius for delivery, but it does include some areas that are out of the 50 mile radius. A subscription allows you to choose the restaurants available.

You can find more information on how to rate Grubhub drivers, is Grubhub has a policy on accepting cash payments, and does Grubhub charge a fee.


If you choose to subscribe to Grubhub Plus, you get the following perks: unlimited free delivery from the participating restaurants, priority in customer support and early access to features and promotions.

Grubhub Plus is good for people that love restaurants but are only in certain areas. Grubhub Plus is good for people that order frequently and live in areas where many restaurants participate in the program.

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