What Is Amazon Lightsail? (cost + Other Faqs)

Amazon is more than just a place to shop online, but they have continued to grow with new offerings in the cloud solutions space.

Amazon Lightsail is Amazon Web Services’ new virtual server management platform. You have two options–one cloud-only, the other on-premises. Amazon claims that the latter option is highly scalable for businesses that don’t want to pay for AWS in-hours but want the agility of the cloud.

What Is Amazon Lightsail In 2022?

Amazon Web Services is a cloud services company launched in 2006 and based in Seattle, Washington, USA.
Amazon Web Services offers various services, including Amazon elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Relational Database Cloud Service, Amazon Elastic Block Store, AWS Marketplace, and AWS Cloud9.

If you are looking for an affordable cloud hosting service that supports multiple languages and works in both Windows and Linux, Amazon Lightsail is a great choice.

How Does Amazon Lightsail Work?

Amazon Lightsail allows you to install open source software to serve your business applications.

It helps you to prepare your application code to be deployed on the AWS cloud, and offers you the tools you need to launch your application or application components.

Instance is called a server. It is the place where you can keep your websites and apps running for an affordable price.

Amazon Web Services offers scalable and secure custom resources. It aims to make its business easier to operate. I.e. it offers you an easy to use API.

On Lightsail, there are several pre-configured virtual private servers to choose from, so you can have a simple management interface.

What Can You Do with Amazon Lightsail?

Lightsail is perfect for running web stores. It comes with various options and is highly customizable.

If you want to set up your computer to make a website or an app quickly, Lightsail is a great option as it automatically sets up security, networking, and access according to your preference.

Lightsail has pre-built applications such as Prestashop, WordPress, Magento, and Joomla already on it that help you with the fast and efficient setup of e-commerce sites and blogs.

Lightsail is also a cloud computing platform that can be used as a hosting platform for a custom website. Users can get their custom websites up and running within minutes.

If you’re a smaller business owner or a developer, you can scale your Lightsail as your computing needs grow or shift resources to Amazon EC2 on the broader AWS.

Now, let’s talk about service levels in a little more detail.

For the first one, Lightsail provides a managed instance service.

The main reason for hosting with Lightsail is security. Lightsail makes it easy to store your data in a secure and reliable environment.

Who Uses Amazon Lightsail?

With Lightsail, you have the freedom to choose a virtual machine (VM) size that best fits your needs and you can easily scale your servers to meet your needs as your business grows.

If you’re using Lightsail to fulfill your simple web application requirements, such as business software launch, file storage, file sharing, financial software, and data backup.

Lightsail works for building small business applications. It can also be used as a sandbox environment for generating ideas and testing them before going to production.

Developers need to start Lightsail and then can scale it up to be larger later when their companies grow.

If you want to have a server to explore or your computing needs are quite straightforward, then Amazon Lightsail is a simple and affordable solution to consider.

In this video, I will teach you how to launch a Lightsail instance after you have completed your Lightsail setup from the Amazon Lightsail website.

How Much Does Amazon Lightsail Cost?

This is a server that’s well suited for running a web server or a number of other applications. If you’re looking to build your own private server to run your own applications on privately, then this is a good option.

A CPU, a GPU, and the basic amount of RAM.
That way, you get the best performance when you need it.
For example, when you need extra compute capacity for larger jobs, or when you need more RAM to store more data.
Lightsail can scale with your applications,
allowing you to use as much CPU, RAM, and GPU as you need.

If your needs surpass the AWS Free Tier, you will need to pay a small fee for Lightsail services. The fees will vary depending on the level of computer resources required.

Because Amazon Lightsail starts with a limited free tier, you have to pay to add features.

The pricing is a mix of month-to-month and yearly charges. But, you can get a discount if you sign up for more than one year, or if you use the monthly payments.

The pricing for these types of offers are higher than the on-demand pricing. So, you would need to consider if they are right for you.
If you are not sure about how they will perform at different time periods, you can take their on-demand pricing and move to their paid plans at any time.

It depends on several factors: location, storage size, data transfer and much more. And always keep in mind that prices may vary per region.

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Cloud.gov is a federal government website where you can find cloud computing services and more, that include the U.S. Cloud Service Catalog and online marketplace for cloud products and services.

It’s most commonly used to deploy websites and manage application within the cloud, as Lightsail servers have virtual machines, databases, and containers to ensure fast website launches and a high level of security.

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