What Channels Are On Amazon Prime Video? (full List Of Available Channels)

If you like watching TV shows or movies, you should try the Amazon Channels. It lets you watch any TV show or movie that you want.

There are a lot of different channels offered out there, so we have put together a comprehensive list for you.

What Channels Are On Amazon Prime Video In 2022?

The Amazon Prime Video interface is very user-friendly and easy to navigate as of 2022. You can browse by category or search for specific channels, however, some content is exclusive to Amazon Prime Video only. Furthermore, these channels can be accessed with a paid monthly subscription.
You can’t use the Kindle Channel on Amazon Prime Video. For more info see Amazon Channels.

Click the following link to watch all your favorite movies, shows, trailers, and clips.

Featured & Popular Movie Channels

If you are looking for something to watch on the internet, check out the huge number of channels that are available for Prime.

– Cartoon Network
– The Discovery Channel
– Viacom
– Food Network
– Animal Planet

To access a channel, just press the button labelled with the channel name.

Comedy & Game Shows

Check out the comedy and game show channels on Amazon Prime Video. Laughter can be guaranteed every Sunday at 10PM and 7PM.

The Game shows are for 2 players and will have a total of 3 rounds.
The Game shows will have 3 rounds with a 5 minute break between.
The Game shows will be based around the show.
Once the show is announced, a list of players will be posted on the website.

Cooking & Home Improvement

I love whipping up a storm in the kitchen and tackling home improvement projects like a pro.

You can save a lot of money with Prime Video since you’ll get hundreds of great cooking and home improvement shows for free.

If you aren’t already a member of Amazon Prime Video, it’s a good idea to join now. You’ll get access to a huge variety of content – including movies, TV, and even original series – without any of the annoying commercials that come with other streaming services.

Home improvement shows include: HomeFix, The Handy Man, and Fixer Upper. Cooking shows include: How She Cooks, Get Dirty with Bobby Flay, and Chef’s Table.


With your Amazon account, you can now get videos from channels such as Car & Driver, Top Gear, Motor Trend, The Weather Channel, and a range of other popular channels.

Whether you are a gearhead or just interested in the history of the automobile, there is something for everyone.

You can watch other great automotive shows at MotorTrend On Demand. MotorTrend On Demand is the official web-based video on demand service of MotorTrend magazine. Sign in with your TV provider or cable company to get immediate access. MotorTrend is currently available in many major metropolitan cities.

MotorTrend on Demand is compatible with most Internet and digital video platforms including HDTV, VCRs, Digital Video Recorders, and DVD recorders.

Popular TV Series

Prime Video has a lot of good television series on. Whether you’re into comedies, dramas, or something else entirely, you’re sure to find something you’ll love.

[Para]: TV is a form of entertainment. Just like movies, cartoons or sports, TV is in the form of entertainment. It is a way for people to enjoy some time and some form of entertainment.

Popular Reality-TV

The channels on prime video offer the most popular reality television programming.

Channels are a new way to view web content on Amazon. Channels are a type of custom channel that allows customers to watch content from brands other than Amazon, including ABC, History, TLC, Discovery, and more.

Here are a few they have to watch.

Educational Programming

Amazon Prime Video has a variety of channels to satisfy all your needs. Whether you want to learn something new or do something old, there is a channel that is perfect for you.

Amazon Prime Video Education includes a wide range of learning and entertaining documentaries, science-based videos, and other educational materials. Learn about science, history, languages, hobbies, and more.

Crime & Justice

Do you like crime documentaries or dramas? There’s something for everyone! So settle in and get ready for a night of binging!

For true crime, Amazon has a few good options.

Fitness Programming

Check out how Amazon has fitness programming channels! With options like Yoga, Pilates, and HIIT, you can work out without even leaving your living room.

1. You may want to watch this program, but it’s better than watching these other programs on the list that you’re not interested in.

International Programming

Amazon Prime has a huge collection of movies from all over the world. If you’re into dramas, Anime, and more, you’re in the right place.

All of the episodes will be available very soon, so be sure to sign up for a free trial before it’s too late.

The British Council
American Council
The Canadian Council
The German Academic Exchange Service
The Japanese Foundation for the Promotion of International Exchange
The Korean Foundation for International Culture Exchange
The Mexican Cultural Foundation.

Children & Family Programming

If you want some family-friendly programming, check out the children’s channels in Amazon Prime Video.

The cartoon of the day can be funny, educational, or even just entertaining. Enjoy the fun and relaxation, and let your family experience the special moments that are associated with each of these shows!

It has family shows you can watch all day and all night.

Horror Programming

I personally recommend watching The Cottage, which is an amazing Australian supernatural slasher that will give you a good look into the genre, if you’re a horror fan.

There’s something for everyone in this year’s Halloween Spooktacular in the City — ghosts, vampires, ghouls and goblins!

Sports Channels

Amazon Prime video is a very good platform for watching the popular sports. There are enough sports channels available.

Whether you are a fan of American football, basketball, baseball, or hockey- you can find something to watch.

Cable Subscribers

HBO, Cinemax, C-SPAN, FOX, ESPN, Discovery, History, National Geographic, CNN, and Discovery Times. Local channels are also available to view for a fee.

What Local Networks are on Amazon Prime Video?

Other ways to watch live video are to watch content that can be broadcasted in HD or watch the content on another device.

The best broadcasts for you to get access to live without a monthly fee will be the ones that are in your area and can get to them.

Also, for more on the Pure Flix Movie Challenge, you can read our post on Pure Flix Movie Challenge, is Pure Flix free with Amazon Prime, and what Pure Flix won’t let us do.


Amazon has a huge collection of channels that you can subscribe to, and you can add new ones as you wish. There is never any shortage of fun or interesting things to watch.

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