Walmart Security Guard Job (duties, Is It A Good Job, Pay, Hours + More)

If you are looking for a new job and want to work as a security guard with a company like Walmart, keep reading this article. This gives you a good description of what it is like to work there.

Fortunately for you, I’ve compiled all you need to know to learn all about the Walmart security guard job, including the job duties and more. Here’s everything I discovered!

Now you can get a better understanding of what Walmart security guards do and what they experience on the job.

Walmart Security Guard Job In 2022

Walmart security guards are responsible for monitoring and guarding Walmart stores, including conducting regular safety sweeps as of 2022. Not only do they look for theft occurring, but they also look for destruction of property and potentially violent situations. Their wages are currently $10.69 per hour.

Want more information about becoming a security guard at Walmart, such as what the job entails, and is it a good career choice.

What Does A Security Guard Do At Walmart?

In narrow sense, a security guard is on duty in a department store or other business establishment to guard the store and customers.

Additional security forces are on call to ensure there is no attempt at terrorism, and the facility is as safe as possible for everyone.

(1) patrol the store for shoplifters and other crimes, (2) protect the property and assets of the store, and (3) respond to customer complaints.

Walmart security guards are also responsible for making sure that the store is safe and secure, as well as monitoring other stores in the same area.

How Much Does A Security Guard Make At Walmart?

You have to remember that your hourly pay at Walmart can vary. Some days it’s $10 an hour, other days it’s $17 an hour, and other days it might be $10, but it has not been $17 an hour in a long time so most likely not this week.

What Skills Do You Need To Be A Security Guard At Walmart?

Being able to identify and track individuals in the store.
Being able to recognize and identify potential criminal activity.
Being able to identify dangerous items that can harm both the security and the general public, such as knives, firearms and explosives.
Being able to work with law enforcement agents when necessary.
Being able to communicate in a language or dialect other than English, when necessary.
Being able to maintain and use a firearm, when necessary.
Being able to respond to an emergency situation, such as the need for first aid or CPR.

What Are The Qualifications Required For Walmart Security Guard Job?

Walmart will not hire you if you’re under the age of 18. They will also not hire people who have been convicted of a felony or have a criminal history that includes a conviction for possession of or distribution of a controlled substance.

– you’ve got at least 6 months of prior employment in a senior management role
– you have a degree in a technical subject (engineering, science, IT)
– you are fluent in spoken and written English.

What Hours Does A Walmart Security Guard Work?

There is no set schedule for a Walmart security guard as the job requires a lot of flexibility with scheduling, such as rotating between morning and evening shifts.

Therefore, you should look for a store location that allows you to work a full 8 hour shift in order to make as much money as possible.

As opposed to when you work at a 24-hour store, you might be working the day shift part of the week and your spouse might be going to work at night.

Also, the security guards at Walmart usually work ten or twelve-hour shifts.

On top of that, your employer may be able to negotiate with you to get you to work different hours, or not make you work on Sundays.

At Walmart, part-time and full-time workers don’t have different starting salaries, but part-time workers can usually have a higher earning potential because of their additional hours. As a Walmart security guard, you can expect to earn an hourly wage of at least $9. An average part-time worker at Walmart can earn $16,900 per year, while full-time workers can earn $21,200.

Is A Walmart Security Guard A Good Job?

After reviewing the job, most employees had some mixed feelings about it. They had some good things to say about it and some not so good things to say about it. Overall it’s not a great job but it’s ok.

Employees have said that they aren’t very happy with their job, especially with rude customers. They don’t feel appreciated that they have to do the tasks they do every day.

Management is a problem among Walmart employees, and when you work security, there are times when management won’t back you up, which creates problems.

However, if you like fast-paced jobs that require you to be assertive and have a knack for sniffing out troublemakers, you have found your match.

Any job is dangerous when you are a victim of human trafficking.

Yes, it is the case in Paris that if you start a fight with a couple of guys, or a group, you’ll be immediately called to the police station and, of course, you’ll get a free ticket.

This all came down to the long hours, and the fact that it’s not only difficult to care about your health in those situations, but also incredibly dangerous.

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A Walmart security guard can be responsible for keeping his or her eyes peeled for potential criminal activity as well as ensure the safety of employees and customers.

In addition to that, there are security guards that look for suspicious customers that might be stealing and either report it to management, remove them from the store or call the police.

Walmart security guards are responsible for checking the safety of the stores’ premises and looking for any equipment that is not working properly.

Walmart pays their security security to watch over customers. On average, they earn 10.69 dollars an hour in the amount of time they work.

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