Keeping Your Health In Check – Top 5 Must-Use Health Apps For Everyone

Over the last few years, the mobile health app industry has grown substantially. Over 318,000 health applications are currently accessible in app stores throughout the world. 

With over 200 health applications released every day, the number of apps is roughly double what it was only two years ago. Health applications are projected to lower total healthcare expenses for patients and professionals alike. 

If health apps were utilized for all conditions, the healthcare sector might save $46 billion each year.

In this article, we have prepared a list of the most important and functional healthcare apps that you must use to ensure proper health at home and save on your daily checkups.

Top 5 Health Apps You Must Use

You can download some extremely helpful healthcare tools and apps from the pirate bay and keep track of your health for good. 

Given below is a list of the best health apps that everyone must use—


FollowMyHealth allows you to view your medical records online in a secure environment. You can connect with your doctor privately via secure messaging, view your tests and test results and also read your doctor’s medical records whenever required. 

It has a feature that allows you to update your health information like allergies, medications, conditions, etc. 

Be on the go with the mobile version of your universal health record. With FollowMyHealth, you can easily view tests and test results for you and your family online 24/7, request prescription renewals, securely communicate with your doctor, schedule appointments, and more! 

From easy text messaging to intuitive healthcare tools, it’s easy to stay connected and improve care. 

MyChart Bedside

MyChart Bedside allows patients to view their EHR while in the hospital. It is designed to improve inpatient education and engagement and strengthen patient relationships with their care team. Santa Rita Medical Center was the first hospital in the world to implement MyChartBedside in August 2013. 

For the first two years of implementation, the app was available on tablets provided by the hospital. An upgrade was released in December 2015 to allow patients to access it from their personal devices. 

The two least useful functions are taking notes and making requests, which is not surprising since the hospital-supplied tablet only has an on-screen keyboard. 

MyChart Bedside was developed as a tool to increase patient engagement in treatment. Further research is needed to determine whether it achieves this and whether it improves patient knowledge.


MyFitnessPal (MFP) helps you track your daily food and drink intake and calculate all your nutrients, calories and vitamins. 

It connects to many popular activity trackers and mobile apps like Lumo Lift, Fitbit and Polar Loop. Additionally, if you follow MFP’s HelloHealthy blog, you’ll find some great recipes, workouts and tips for health and wellness. 

To top it off, MyFitnessPal offers a Facebook-like social section. Here you can find and follow your friends, share your workouts and food memories, and be motivated, inspired, and accountable for your efforts.


The Sleep Cycle app is a great tool for solving many of your health problems. Your phone’s home screen displays a digital alarm clock that you can connect to popular smart alarm clocks. 

The app allows you to choose to analyze your sleep using a microphone (sound) or an accelerometer (motion). It teaches, develops and helps improve sleep cycle analysis so more people can sleep better. 

Moreover, you can choose whether to show sleep information and suggestions in the log view. If you don’t want to tell us how to position your phone to use the sleep cycle, turn it off. This app will help you find out how long sleeping pills last.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles allows you to earn money for a charity of your choice by walking, running or cycling. Health, Children, Animals, Environment, Education, Veterans and more. Choose from over 40 high-impact charities. 

Their members have raised over $2.5 million in charitable giving, helping others and themselves. If you already use a Fitbit or other activity tracker, you can use your charity miles to do more and earn money for your good cause. 

Charity Miles works as a pedometer, running tracker, walking timer, cycling pedometer or running timer. Choose from over 40 charities making a difference around the world. 

Wrapping Up!

There are also certain mobile apps that help you follow a meditation schedule or improve mindfulness. All these apps collectively make you feel healthy from within and outside.

Therefore, use the power of technology to restore your physical and mental health and lead a productive life.

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