How Modern Tech Will Change the Poker Industry

Technology and the Internet have changed almost every aspect of our lives over the past 20-years, but one area that hasn’t changed much is the world of poker.

Though the rise of online poker in the early 00s brought a shift in the industry, the live casino experience is largely the same as it was in the previous century.

Finding a seat at the table you want to play in can be tough. Different dealers might offer a different experience even within the same venue.

However, no industry is immune to the inevitable changes that technology brings, so it’s no surprise that there are some innovations coming to the world of poker that avid players should be aware of.

Online Poker Has Become More Accessible

There was a time when certain activities felt wrong when performed online, but if life during the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that there are few things that can’t be done through the Internet.

Since 2009, the gambling industry in the US, including online gambling, has increased ten-fold. The increase of Internet speeds, both through home broadband and 5G devices, has made it faster and easier than ever to find a site that works for you and how you like to play.

New Ways to Pay

One of the biggest developments over the past several years is the creation of cryptocurrency. Many outlets, including online poker sites, have begun accepting this new form of currency for buy-ins. While it may not always be the easiest subject to wrap your head around, cryptocurrency is established enough in the market that it is unlikely to be going anywhere soon.

Apps Make Life Easier

At times, live casino gaming can be inconsistent and frustrating. It’s not always easy to find a table you want to play at, let alone actually get a spot. Now, however, the process of playing poker in a casino is being made easier by apps.

These sites and applications, such as Bravo, are designed to help you find the right table for you in your local area and can even give you their contact details so you can book ahead of time if there is a long wait.

Virtual Reality Will Take You All Around the World

There are plenty of VR systems available to the public that are well-suited to playing online poker. Not only does this give you the opportunity to play with anyone in the world, but some of them, like PokerVR, can even mimic the movements of your head and face as you speak.

For those unable or unwilling to venture into the casinos as the world slowly opens back up, this is the closest to the face-to-face poker experience that you can get. This technology is continually coming down in price, so it is only going to become more widely available as time goes on.

The Far-Future of Robot Dealers

Considering the slow pace of change within the casino industry, it may be many years before we see true artificial intelligence utilized at the poker table. However, it seems inevitable that one day we’ll have robot dealers on the other end of the table, providing lightning quick calculations and smooth card dealing to players.

In 2019, gaming technology developer LT Game debuted their first human-like dealer. Does this spell the end of human dealers as we know it? Not just yet, as the robot currently can only deal cards to players and lacks any true AI functions. We might be many years from true robot card dealers in casinos but the groundwork for the change has already been laid.

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