How Do You Cancel Walmart Money Cards (step-by-step Guide)

You are not able to cancel your existing Walmart Money Card. But, Walmart Money Card is part of the rewards program called “My Walmart Rewards”.
Through the program, you can earn rewards on your Walmart Money Card purchase.
Just click on the image below and choose “Apply Now”. It is free!

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How Do You Cancel Walmart Money Cards In 2022?

Walmart Money Cards are a prepaid card which can be purchased in Walmart stores and online. It can be used at Walmart stores and online for purchases and cash withdrawals. If the account is not closed within 30 days of purchase, the card can be accessed online.

*I have read and agree to the Official Walmart Money Card & Privacy Policy and agree to be contacted by the company via email at the email address provided above in order to receive communications regarding this inquiry. (B)

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How Do You Cancel Walmart Money Cards At Walmart Stores?

Wal-Mart customers can make purchases with their Walmart cards or withdraw their account funds from their Wal-Mart ATMs.

But, most customers can use both their credit and debit cards and the online banking service at until the credit and debit card balances reach $0.

When there are no funds left, the account automatically closes.

How Can I Cancel My Walmart Money Card Online?

For those who may be unable to make it to their local stores, they can also shop online.

Once you close your account by using your card, you will need to use your credit card to pay for things. Make sure you have this card on your person.
I am not an expert on Money Cards, so I have no idea why they are called so

There is a company called The Money Network. The company is a network of banks that issue money cards. You can use the network to get money cards from Bank X, Bank Y, Bank Z, etc.
If you don’t have one of the “Big” banks, then you can get money cards from smaller, locally issued banks. This is a great way to keep your money in your local community.

How Can I Cancel My Walmart Money Card From The App?

You can easily cancel your Walmart Money Card by logging into the Walmart Money Card app, you can find it on the App Store or on the Google Play.

You’ll start by entering your phone number and then choose which plan you wish to cancel. If you are already a member of the Money Card service, you will be asked to enter a code and confirm it. You’ll then be disconnected from the Money Card service.

Will I Continue To Have Access To My Account Once I Close My Walmart Money Card?

Even if the account information is closed, there are still situations where you may need access to your account information.

The transaction history on the website can be really useful to see transactions and balances that you have made through the app. However, if you want to download your transaction history for other purposes, you will need to do it via the app.

How Long Does It Take To Get Money Refunded When You Cancel Your Walmart Money Card?

I’m sure your money will be refunded as soon as your account is closed.

[Original]: Check your store’s return policy before you leave to get your refund.

If you choose to have a refund check sent to you, it’s mailed to the address on file for your Money Card account within 14 days after you close the account. If you close your account prior to the check being mailed, you will not be able to receive your refund.

Once a Money Card issues a check, it can no longer be used to pay for anything.

What Is The Walmart Money Card Customer Service Number?

Your money card has the information you entered. If you did not sign in for your card, you will need to sign in in order to request a new card.

And they will help you choose the right plan for your service needs, or they may suggest a better plan for you.

How Can I Cancel My Walmart Money Card Via Mail?

You can request your Money Card be mailed to you. However, be aware that mail is less secure, takes longer, and can get lost, and is more expensive than using the ATM.

The first step is to look for the problem.

First. To avoid delays in processing, make sure to direct your letter to our customer support address.

Walmart Money Card, Walmart Stores, Inc., Attn: Customer Service, 2700 Smokey Oak Dr., Bentonville, AR 72712.

If you need to make a Walmart purchase
You can use Walmart’s MoneyCard.

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If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk at 1(800) 423-7000.

If you think you’ve received this message in error or if you’re no longer eligible for
any of our products and services, please let us know by
clicking here.

The final step is to run the service.

Once you have sent the letter, wait until Money Card support gets in touch with you.

Once you have submitted your social security number, our system will contact your social security number provider and verify that it resides on your social security record, as well as verify that the number has not been reported to the social security number services. Your credit card company will also verify that the number provided has not been frozen or that the card is not being used on any other accounts.

The fourth step of the workflow is to send it to the [Production Server].

A Customer Support representative will verify that your name matches your account. This will take a few minutes, and once completed, the representative will process your request to close your account and send a refund check.

If you are looking for more information on the Walmart Money Card, you can also read our posts on how to get Cash App debit card at Walmart and how to add money to Cash App Card at Walmart.


You can cancel your Walmart Money Card from any of its three different locations, the Walmart Money Card app, and online.

Please leave the card open because if you close it, the process may begin and once the process begins it’s not possible to cancel it.

Walmart Money Card can be canceled by using two methods: telephone or online.

The Walmart Money Card is considered one of the safest ways to shop at Walmart online.

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