Customer Retention Statistics (23 Interesting Facts, Trends + Statistics)

If you are a business, and you want to know how to keep existing customers, you’re in the right spot. Here are some statistics about customer retention.

There’s a really interesting customer relationship statistics secret out there that you can use to your advantage! Today, I’ve got the details on everything I’ve learned about customer retention statistics.

Customer Retention Statistics In 2022

If you want to know more about customer retention, read on! I’ll share other customer retention statistics and have other related questions.

Loyalty programs are very effective. When you offer them, they get people to visit your business again and again.

Keeping a customer coming back in a business is cheaper than acquiring a new customer, which means that most business owners are likely looking for a way to keep their customers coming back.

That is true, and it shows the need to find customers and develop ways of maintaining and keeping them.

If a customer feels like they are a brand, it leads to 56% of customers being loyal to a brand, which shows why companies need to focus on getting to know the customer.

As long as a business can maintain constant growth, they can experience a profit boost at an incredible rate.

Service is very important to customers. 89% of companies believe that service is an important contributor to customer retention.

People are the most important asset in any business, and they need to be well taken care of. Any business should take care of their people. Some of the things included in this strategy are providing them with the right tools, making sure they have enough time off, training for new and old employees and the best way of training your staff is through an immersive approach.

A high percentage of business owners feel that customer lifetime value is important for the business, which is a high percentage and that businesses are well aware of their customers and their value to the business.

Customer retention is one of the most important aspects of the business, but less than 25% of businesses focus on that aspect. The way to start to improve customer retention is to make sure you understand customers.

The study shows that, although customer retention is important, customer acquisition is an even more important part of the e-commerce equation.

When it comes to brands, many millennials are known for being fairly picky, but around 55% of millennials are brand loyal.

Millennials are more loyal to corporations than previous generations but there are some who are reluctant to part ways with their brand.

So, if you’re a loyal follower of a particular brand, your loyalty can work against you and cause you to miss out on other great brands that are just around the corner.

It can be difficult to sell products to new customers. A survey shows that the probability is less than 20% that a business can sell products to new customers.

A business has a higher chance of selling a product to a customer if they have already sold the product to the same customer in the past.

A company can sell products even with a new product if they have a good customer retention.

It is extremely important that products are of high quality. 77% of people are so loyal to high-quality products that they think brand loyalty comes from offering high-quality products.

We were surprised to learn that customer retention is below 20% in almost any industry, but in the retail industry, the number was only about 12%.

A recent study found that 90 percent of people think that a crisis can reveal the honesty of a business and that it can provide opportunities for customer retention.

It was the same-day delivery that brought in new customers, and also the more customers they had the more money they would make.

Also, if a company offers same-day delivery, they will be better off in the customer experience.

When a company is losing out on a big chunk of money, it hurts the company’s stock price, which will result in a decrease in the company’s total value and overall market share.

The importance of customer retention was brought to the forefront of the minds of many companies and it was brought into people’s awareness that a bad customer relationship can damage profits and in some cases can put a company out of business.

But considering that most of us have bad days just about every day, I’m assuming that this 32% figure probably should be higher.

The experience for businesses during the recession is that their customers have less money and will buy fewer products.

A lot of people shop where there is consistent customer service.

If you are struggling with customer service and customer retention, it is advisable to find out more about their experience.

If someone has a good experience with a business, they are 77% more likely to tell their friends about the experience than if they had a bad one.

However, we are pleasantly surprised that a positive experience doesn’t even lead to people telling their friends about what they did.

This is a good way to sell more, but keep in mind that some people will be wary of you. You may want to use something like a ‘Warn me when this happens’ feature.

What Are the 7 Customer Retention Strategies?

Offering superior products and services

Offering more choice

Sensitising customers with lower prices

Getting to know customers better

Getting involved

Giving discounts

Being more responsive and efficient

The following seven customer retention strategies represent the seven strategies that a business can implement to boost customer retention rates.

What Is a Good Customer Retention Rate Increase?

A business should strive for a retention rate increase of about 5%. It can increase your profits substantially by up to 95%. That’s huge!

Is Customer Retention More Powerful Than Customer Satisfaction?

Customer retention is better than customer satisfaction as customer retention is more effective in selling the product or services of the company and more profitable as well.

Increasing customer retention can result in revenue increase and higher profits.

But you can also use this expression to imply that something may have some benefits, but you won’t necessarily know until you try it out.

Customer retention is important to a company. A company with a high customer retention rate is more likely to grow than a company with a low customer retention rate.

Is It Cheaper to Keep Old Customers or Get New Customers?

The reason it’s a lot cheaper to keep an old customer is you can get 10 or more old customers for the cost of just one new customer.

As a result, you should try your best to satisfy your current customers and maintain a good working relationship with them, which will hopefully make them like and trust you even more, in turn making them more likely to stay with you.

If you’re in the same business or industry as a customer, it may not always be cheaper, if you make a mistake or do something unethical. For example, if you’re a pizza shop and you have a really good relationship with a customer, the customers may not want to go somewhere else. If the customer doesn’t like you anymore and you stop providing good service, they might not want to come back.


There are multiple customer retention statistics that we found fascinating, such as that if a company offers rewards or a loyalty program, 75% of people will go back to that brand.
Also, if you look at your data, you can determine if the customer is at the right stage of their buying journey, which will help you better design your next marketing effort.
You can also find out if your customer is more likely to be converted, which can help guide an ad campaign.

Customers are loyal to you because you are consistent in your delivery, you bring value to customers every time they interact with you. If you make customers feel like they are important and that you are listening, then they will return to you.

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